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Lifeline Measurement Form

How To Measure Lifelines:

Note: Lifelines ordered from Defender are made in the U.S. by the largest rigger in the country.
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1) Measure both sides of the boat for lifeline dimensions.
2) Do not measure with ropes, use tape measure.
3) Enter a brief description of lifeline set-up from forward to aft.  Please note fittings needed and any special instructions.  Please refer to the hardware links below for info on common fittings.  If re-using existing hardware, please note stud diameter, thread direction and stud length.

Lifelines with gates (A, B, and C) or without gates (D)

  • A = Distance from bearing surface of bow pulpit padeye to inside of gate stanchion.
  • B = Distance between stanchions (if lower gate is not wanted, please write "none" under the "B" dimension).
  • C = Distance from stern rail padeye to inside of gate stanchion.
  • D = Distance from bearing surface of bow pulpit to bearing surface of stern padeye.

Note: If upper gate is not required on one side, use dimension "D".

Coated Wire       Uncoated Wire

Wire Dia.

Dim. "A"

Dim. "B"

Dim. "C"

Dim. "D"

Upper Stbd


Lower Stbd


Lifeline Hardware

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Turnbuckles/Lifeline Adjusters

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Toggle Jaws

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Pelican Hooks

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