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Categories : Sailboat Hardware: Furlers: Drum Style Frulers
Harken MKIV Jib Reefing & Furling System
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Harken MKIV Jib Reefing & Furling System

  • Headstay Length 38'7" To45'7"
  • Unit 0, Typical Boat Length 22' - 30'

  • Item #:  600092
    Brand:  Harken
    Model #:  7410.10
    Shipping Weight:  21.30 Lbs.
    List Price:   $2,088.00

    Our Price:   $1,670.40
    Status:    In Stock


    Designed for performance racing and cruising sailors, MKIV furling systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design. These free-rolling systems make all the difference in headsail control, allowing racers and cruisers to quickly furl and reef while maintaining great sail shape and optimal speed. Smoothly unfurl your headsail instead of hoisting a large genoa in light air. Now you can stay off the foredeck during a blow and rely on the furler for ‘crew’ when sailing shorthanded.

    This strong, lightweight furler features multiple rows of Torlon® ball bearings in high-load areas to minimize friction for smooth furling. Bearings require no lubrication or isolating seals. Stacked bearing races in the halyard swivel evenly distribute radial and thrust loads to ball bearings; foils turn freely under halyard loads.

    Foils and drum are securely connected with strong robust clamp to handle the high torque loads created when sails are reefed and furled in heavy air.

    Tough triple-interlock foil joints withstand years of torque loading. Connector and geometric shape interlocks to foil and secures by coating engineered channel system with a syringe-injected adhesive. Screws provide a fi nal lock.

    Deep-saturation Hardkote-anodized halyard swivel, line guard, torque tube and bearing races resist the corrosive effects of saltwater and sun and provide long-term wear. The line guard is also powder coated for added corrosion resistance. The drum cap is engineered from tough polymer resin.

    The large inner spool diameter makes furling easier and a smaller outside drum diameter fi ts narrow bows or below deck. Independent halyard swivels furl sail center before head and tack for improved sail shape and upwind pointing.

    Aerodynamic foil’s double grooves and stainless steel feeder allow fast hoists, douses and sail changes. Split drum and line guard come off easily use with full-hoist sails.

    MKIV furling systems are designed for owner installation over existing turnbuckle using rod, swage, Norseman®, or Sta-Lok® terminals. Connectors easily slip onto the headstay wire and into the foil without feeding the wire through the connector. Toggle fl ips for k or tang chainplate installation. A single stainless steel clevis pin provides access to the turnbuckle for adjustment. Turnbuckle is easy to adjust by simply raising the drum.

    CARBO LEAD BLOCK ASSEMBLIES Free rolling ball bearing blocks are easy to mount and lead line aft for safe furling from the cockpit. Blocks feature lightweight nylon-resin sideplates densely packed with long-glass fibers. Ball bearing sheave and sideplates UV stabilized with black additive for maximum protection. The 7403 blocks lead line outboard to keep the sidedeck clear. Mount the 7401 to the bow pulpit. The aft block is a 7402 ratchet block to keep drag on the line to control spooling.


    • Wire Ø (1 x 19 SS) 3/16", 7/32" (5, 6* mm)
    • Rod Ø -4, 4.37 mm, -6, 5.03 mm
    • Clevis Pin Ø 3/8", 7/16" (9.5, 11.1 mm)
    • Headstay Length Standard 38'7" (11.77 m); max 45'7" (13.9 m)

    Toggle Assembly Required - sold separately

    • 7410.20 3/8 Toggle assembly with 3/8" (9.5 mm) clevis pin
    • 7410.20 7/16 Toggle assembly with 7/16" (11.1 mm) Clevis pin

    Optional Parts by special order only:

    • 7410.30 Extra 7' (2.13 m) luff foil extrusion
    • 7410.31 Extra 61/2" (165 mm) connector
    • 7420 -4 -4 Rod adaptor stud**
    • 7421 -6 -6 Rod adaptor stud**
    • 884 Snap shackle for tack or head (each shackle)
    • 944 Halyard restrainer (use only when required)
    • 7401 40 mm Carbo block stanchion lead block assembly
    • 7402 57 mm Carbo ratchet block stanchion lead block assembly
    • 7403 29 mm Outboard stanchion lead block assembly
    • 7404 Lead block kit: 3 x 7403/1 x 7402/1 x 7401/1 cleat
     Proudly made in the USA.

    Additional Handling Note:
    Most carriers impose an extra handling fee of $8.75, that will be added to your shipping charges if it applies.

    NOTE: All measurements Converted from Metric to Imperial are Approximate.
    All specs are from Manufacturer's literature and have not been independently verified.

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      Harken 25 mm Halyard Restrainer
  • Small
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    Model #:
    7410.20 3/8
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      Harken Toggle Assembly
  • Toggle Assembly With 7/16" (11.1 Mm) Clevis Pin
  • Typical Boat Length 22' - 30'

  • $56.00

    Item #:

    Model #:
    7410.20 7/16
    Manufacturer: Harken
      Harken Carbo Furling Lead Block Kit
  • Max Line Size 3/8"
  • Small Boat High Load Furling System

  • $241.60

    Item #:

    Model #:
    Manufacturer: Harken

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