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Categories : Line / Cord / Wire Cable: Pre-Made Anchor Lines: Rope / Chain Pre-Made Anchor Lines
Lewmar Premium Pre-Made Anchor Rode - 8-Plait Rope Spliced to High Test Chain
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Lewmar Premium Pre-Made Anchor Rode - 8-Plait Rope Spliced to High Test Chain

  • Line Diameter: 5/8", Line Length: 200'
  • Chain Diameter: 5/16", Chain Length: 10'
  • Line Type: 8 Plait, Chain Type: G4 High Test, Total Rode Length: 210'

  • Item #:  012157
    Brand:  Lewmar
    Model #:  HM15H200PX
    Shipping Weight:  39.50 Lbs.
    List Price:   $710.50

    Our Price:   $429.99
    Status:     In Stock


    Lewmar 8 Plait (8PLT) Anchor Rodes are designed to ensure the smooth running of the windlass.


    • Anchor rodes complement rope chain gypsies fitted to all Lewmar windlasses
    • Chain is hot-dipped galvanized to minimize corrosion
    • Chain is welded for high strength; calibrated for even pitch
    • Enables 50% moreline in locker than 3-strand rope
    • Hand-sewn whipping guarantees against unraveling
    • Eliminates hockling and kinking
    • Resists stiffening with age


    • Chain: 15' of 5/16" G4 Chain with shackle
    • Rope: 200' of 5/8" 8PLT, spliced to chain
    • Recommended for Sprint H-600 Windlasses

    Lewmar USA Premium 8-Plaited Nylon Anchor Rope

    • 8-Plaited nylon rope eliminates some of the service problems associated with the 3-strand ropes. 8-Plait uses 8-individual braided strands woven together that allow the rope to be relaxed. But, when under load, it tightens up to a firm lay. The higher the load the harder the lay becomes.
    • 8-Plait carries the same tensile strength as 3-Strand.
    • 8-Plait does not coil or create a "birds nest" in the locker like 3-Strand will. 8-Plait flakes and falls upon itself.
    • 8-Plait will not twist and knot up.
    • 8-Plait will not loop over onto itself.
    • 8-Plait has less stretch so it will not bury itself deep into the gypsy's grip when overloaded, which means less damage to the stripper when the windlass is abused or overloaded.
    • 8-Plait pays off of the windlass into the locker much like chain, allowing for better use of smaller locker designs.
    • 8-Plait is 80% less prone to becoming stiff when used in salt water than 3-Strand.
    • 8-Plait nylon rope is 1/3 more absorbent than 3-Strand rope. More absorbent means more weight; more weight means better fall into the anchor locker.
    • 8-Plait should be soaked in water (salt or fresh - it does not matter) to pre-lubricate the rope so it can be used in the windlass initially. When rope is used dry and new, we have seen either slippage or sticking in the rope pocket of the gypsy. Once the rope is wet and used, it out performs the 3-Strand. The longer it is used the better it gets.

    Note:  Lewmar products are designed for use in recreational marine applications.  Any commercial application is forbidden without the prior approval of Lewmar engineering and management.

    Note: Rope Manufacturers Recommend that 8 Strand Line be Pre-Soaked Before the First Use and Not Used Dry when its New

    Note: Please verify rope and chain rode sizing compatibility by refering to your original windlass specifications.
    Check your owners manual or Contact windlass manufacturer for correct Chain / Line, Size and Type.

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