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West System Epoxy Products on Sale!

West System epoxy products are great for any type of project, so whether you are trying to repair a scratch or spider cracks in your fiberglass gel coat, or trying to repair a major fiberglass crack in your boat, or building a new boat from scratch in your backyard, you can depend upon West System epoxies for their strength, quality and longevity.

A typical fiberglass boat is a composite structure that is constructed from many layers of various reinforcing fabrics and core materials that are bonded together with plastic resins. Most loads within the structure are carried by the fibers in the laminate, with the core materials supporting the fibers in positions to effectively support and distribute the loads.

The continuity of this fiber-resin skin is crucial to the integrity of the structure. While it is frequently necessary to cut through the fiberglass skin when repairing your boat it is important to keep in mind that the objective is always to rebuild for skin continuity to restore the load carrying capacity of the fibers in the laminate to their original or even greater strength.

The vast majority of fiberglass boats are built with unsaturated polyester resin, however West System epoxies were created by the Gougeon brothers many years ago to be not only compatible, but they can be used in the original construction phases of custom fiberglass boats. Epoxy is more durable and more effective as a moisture barrier and it adheres more readily than polyester resin to existing components, resulting in a much harder and stronger bond. The ease of measuring both large and small quantities of epoxy resin makes West System products the ideal choice in all environments.

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