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MAS Epoxies

For over 20 years, MAS Epoxies has supplied boat builders, DIY boat owners, and woodworkers with the highest quality epoxy resin products. Whether you plan to build, maintain or finish a boat or woodworking project, you can count on our products to be strong, simple to use and dependable. Our amazing 2:1 non-blushing epoxy resin system is known for being "Great for Beginners and Loved by Professionals."

MAS Non-Blushing Epoxy System

Our Low Viscosity and FLAG resins along with 3 speeds of hardeners make up our 2:1 Non-blushing system. Since these products do not blush, you can continue laminating before the product has completely cured instead of waiting to wash and sand before the next coat. This means you can recoat the same day and save at least twice the time.

The resins and hardeners are all compatible for custom blending to meet the various shop conditions our customers work in. Mix the two resins to vary the starting viscosity, mix hardeners for custom speeds (or do both!) as long as the ratio is two-parts resin to one-part hardener by volume these products will result in high strength solids with excellent moisture resistance. These products are both structural and non-blushing, making for the perfect combination of strength, integrity and a beautiful finish.

Epoxy Repair Kits and Tools

Specialty Epoxies

MAS Crackzilla Cartridge Epoxy


There are many creative uses for Crackzilla, including using as your laminating epoxy, filling holes or cracks to create a smooth surface and even jewelry design.

MAS Woodzilla Cartridge Epoxy


Try Woodzilla for your next filleting project, instead of adding the wood flour on your own.

MAS Wood Penetrating Epoxy

Wood Penetrating Epoxy

This VOC-free epoxy seals gaps and strengthens areas in rotten wood that are not visible externally.

MAS Table Top Epoxy

Table Top Epoxy

If you want the appearance of 50 coats of varnish with just one pour, look no further than our Table Top Epoxy. This 1:1 epoxy system provides you with a protective glass-like finish on any surface.

Bristol Finish Varnish

Twenty years of field-testing and customer feedback have driven the development of Bristol Finish Urethane Coatings to ensure you have the finest most long-lasting coating available. The fast and easy application is only the first savings. With very low maintenance required, our products will save you time and money, and pay for themselves year after year.

Instructional Videos

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Wet Out Fiberglass with MAS Epoxy

Adding Fillers to Resin

How to Apply Table Top Epoxy

Filling Knots and Voids

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