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ACR Electronics

ACR Electronics

Authorized Reseller

ACR Electronics at Defender Industries

Having quality ACR electronics ensures safety on the water is an important concern for experienced boaters.
They know that even the most placid lake can change for the worst when really bad weather strikes. Offshore sailing safety is even more critical.
That's why they are always prepared for the worst while still hoping they will never need to use those emergency supplies.
Some of the most essential emergency preparedness items such as ACR AIS, EPIRB, PLB & Rescue Lights are electronic in nature.
These most essential of these items are the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and rescue lights.
When choosing electronic safety gear, always buy from Defender for the best quality ACR electronics products!

ACR Electronics

ACR produces only the finest quality equipment, knowing that lives may depend on it.
In fact, ACR products have saved the lives of thousands of people since they first started making survival gear in 1956.
Those lives even included the Apollo 13 crew in 1970!
ACR takes the business of saving lives very seriously and produces reliable safety gear through what they call "The Science of Survival."
Their life-saving products cover many types of possible emergencies on the water.

We carry ACR Electronics in the following categories:

  • ACR offers a full range of EPIRB marine distress beacons that will alert rescuers and give them your location in the event of an emergency.
  • A PLB is like an EPIRB, except it's registered to a person rather than a boat. Like the larger version, it communicates with rescuers via global coverage satellites.
  • Personal AIS (Automatic Identity System) beacons can be received by any AIS SART (search and rescue transponder) compatible receiver in the area. If you fall overboard unseen, wearing an ACR AIS can quickly lead searchers directly to you.
  • At Defender, we carry a selection of ACR AIS, EPIRB, PLB & Rescue Lights to increase their usefulness and reliability.
  • MOB (man overboard) lights and mounts keep a floating MOB marker light within quick and easy reach. These automatic strobe lights activate when they hit the water and offer 360° visibility for up to 3 miles.
  • Personal rescue lights are an ACR electronic designed to be worn on life jackets, foul weather gear, etc. These intensely bright LED strobe lights are activated either manually or automatically upon contact with the water.
  • Survival radios are automatically tuned to Channel 16 and are designed for easy use under stressful emergency conditions.
  • Ditch bags are also known as "Abandon Ship Survival Bags" and that is exactly what they are designed for. They let you organize all your essential survival gear in one easy-to-grab bag that will safely float up to 25 pounds of equipment.
  • Sound and visual signals include whistles, holographic signaling mirrors, and personal rescue lights.
  • Our spotlights and accessories include everything from complete kits to replacement bulbs.

  • Defender takes your safety seriously with ACR Electronics

    That is why we carefully choose safety equipment from companies that take your safety on the water as seriously as we do.
    It's also why we carry so many products such as ACR AIS, EPIRB, PLB and Rescue Lights.
    We know how serious ACR electronics are about their safety equipment, and we applaud their commitment to quality and reliability.
    It's the same commitment we have felt towards our valued customers since 1938.
    Experience that commitment for yourself when you order your safety gear from Defender.