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Online Boats And Motors Problem Form

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Due to extremely high volume, our service shop is currently scheduling appointments for Non-Warranty work 1 to 2 weeks out. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for contacting us for your service needs.
Please allow 24 hours for a response to your inquiry so that our service team can evaluate the issue and respond accordingly.

Step 1 - Gather Required Information

In order for us to process your request as fast as possible, we need a bit of information about your inflatable boat or outboard motor.

For Inflatable Boats:

  • The Serie Number must be included on the form below, if you have one of the following boats -- Zodiac, West Marine By Zodiac, Zoom, Typhoon, or Bombard.
    Without the Serie Number, which identifies production changes within model years, we will not be able to assist you. Find the Serie Number on the transom plate of your boat example: "Serie Number" and "Model Number"..
    For all other boat brands enter the number "1" into the required Serie field.
  • Locate the "Serial Number" usually found on the exterior of the transom, starboard side.
  • Locate the Capacity Plate usually found on the interior of the transom.
  • If you have any other brand of inflatable boat, find the "Model Number".

For Outboard Motors:

Step 2 - Populate the Online Boats and Motors Problem Form 

The following terms and conditions apply:

Boats and Motors require an appointment be made with our service department. No service work will be taken in without an appointment. Should your issue require an appointment, your service will be subject to a minimum (1) hour labor charge ($140.00) for inspection, which will be deducted from a paid invoice for repairs NOT covered under warranty. There will be no charge for warranty related service that is covered by warranty. Freight charges should you choose to ship your unit to us are never covered. All Boats and Motors must be picked up within 7 days of notification of completed service to avoid an additional storage fee of $20.00 per day.


If you are requesting information about a Zodiac, Avon, Zoom, Typhoon, Bombard or West Marine by Zodiac Inflatable, we will need the Serie Number in addition to the Serial Number.
Without the Serie Number, Customer Service will NOT be able to assist you.

Please locate and list the Zodiac Serie Number in the appropriate field on the form before sending.