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Why Do I Need Trim Tabs?

You may not be familiar with them, but you've probably experienced the problems that trim tabs solve for boaters all over the world. After using Bennett systems for years - and discovering just how durable and serviceable they can be - our customers can't imagine boating without them.

Do These Conditions Sound Familiar?

  • As your boat slows from maximum speed, it begins to settle at the stern or "squat," creating an inefficient, untrimmed condition. At this attitude you use more fuel to drive the boat.
  • As the boat pushes forward, it creates a "hill of water." In this bow-high position, visibility is limited and the hull bottom is pounded. Also because of significant hull drag and extreme prop angle, fuel economy is poor.
  • Uneven weight distribution makes your boat harder to handle, even harder to get up on plane, and it causes your boat to list to one side. Your passengers complain when you tell them to move from one side to the other.

As a boater you know that no two boating days are ever alike thanks to ever-changing weight, weather and water conditions. Bennett Trim Tabs are designed to adjust for these changing conditions and provide lift in order to give you the best possible running attitude.

No Trim Tabs With Trim Tabs

Learn about the benefits of Bennett Trim Tabs
on this episode of Ship Shape TV

Bennett Trim Tabs help your boat operate as intended over a broader range of conditions. They give you more control than you ever had before. You can improve the performance of your boat through properly sized trim tabs that:

  • Get you up on plane quickly
  • Allow you to plane at speeds lower than designed planing speed
  • Adjust the boat's attitude for changes in speed, sea conditions and shifting weight
  • Correct listing on either side of the boat

Bennett Trim Tabs reposition the boat's bow to cut through the water. This gives you several advantages:

  • Less drag and engine laboring, which translate into increased performance, greater speed, and reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced pounding, which means greater comfort
  • Greater visibility, which increases safety

Did We Mention Savings on Fuel?

Maintaining plane at a lower RPM is where the boat starts to achieve its maximum efficiency. Trim tabs provide the additional lift so that the throttle can be decreased without losing plane, adding both fuel economy and range. Some boaters have experienced as much as 30% fuel efficiency gains.

With all the advantages and efficiencies created, Bennett Trim Tabs virtually pay for themselves.

Performance Efficiency Safety
Increase Speed Reduce Fuel Consumption Improve Visibility
Reduce Pounding Reduce Engine Laboring Reduce Wake
Correct for Listing Eliminate Squatting Improve Handling
Eliminate Porpoising Reduce Engine Laboring Reduce Hull Stress
Offset Prop Torque    
Performance: Turn a teeth-jarring experience into a more comfortable ride.
Efficiency: Bennett Trim Tabs are one of the few boat accessories that can pay for themselves. Some boaters have experienced as much as 30% fuel efficiency gains.
Safety: Relax at the wheel thanks to greater control over your bow high position.
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