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The Importance of Boat Maintenance Products & Repair Supplies

Properly cleaning and maintaining your boat will help it keep its value while also ensuring it is safe and pleasant to use.
A boat that is properly maintained will function the way it should and always stay up to code.
If you use it in different waterways, it is especially important to thoroughly clean any areas where invasive species might hitch a ride.
You will need to do this any time you switch waters - it's the law!

When choosing boat maintenance products and repair supplies, make sure you choose the right supplies for the type of water your boat has been in.
Saltwater and freshwater products aren't always interchangeable.
It's also important to start with the mildest cleaning solution rather than heading straight for the harsh stuff.
Scrubbing with some fresh water is often all that is needed.

Use biodegradable aquatic products whenever possible and do everything you can to keep all cleaning and maintenance products out of the water.
Doing your part to protect waterways now will ensure pleasurable adventures on the water for future generations of boaters!

Keeping your engine or motor clean and well maintained might prevent a nasty surprise or emergency boat repair when you are miles from shore!
Keeping decks clean and free from clutter is another step you can take toward preventing a different type of disaster.
No one wants to go for an unexpected swim just because a dirty deck was slippery!

Common Boat Maintenance Products & Their Uses:

  • Replace fluids as needed to keep your engine running smoothly.
  • Lubricants are also essential to protect your boat's engine and electrical components from water and corrosion.
  • Choosing the correct aquatic cleaners and waxes for each surface makes cleaning easier. It will also give you a sparkling clean boat you'll be proud to own!
  • The proper cleaning tools make the work of keeping your boat looking like new quicker and easier.
  • We carry aquatic adhesives for all of those minor repairs needed when a boat does more than just sit at the dock.
  • We carry marine epoxy, fiberglass, and gel coat repair kits that will keep your hardworking boat looking like new. We also have the application tools needed for professional-looking repairs.
  • Replace broken or worn marine hardware for improved safety and functionality.

  • Staying up to code

    It is essential that your Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) are up-to-date and clearly readable.
    If they aren't, your next boat trip may involve a citation from the Coast Guard.
    We have the easy-to-use boat lettering products you need to stay on the right side of regulations.

    There's smooth sailing ahead with Defender

    Defender Marine Outfitter has everything you will need to properly clean and maintain your boat.
    With many decades of boating experience behind us, you can trust that we have your back when it comes to taking proper care of your boat.
    Give us a call at 800-628-8225 to find out more.