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Marine Hardware for Sailboats at Defender

In the boating world, there is no greater experience than being at the helm of a sailboat.
An ancient practice which just uses the power of the wind and the science of sails, it is where you get to stand at the nexus of the elements, being at their mercy as well as being the master of water, air, and machinery.
The sound of the wind whipping through the sails as you make way, catching the blow just right and then the feeling of your vessel cutting a wake across the water is like no other.

Sailboats require a lot of skill, as well as upkeep and maintenance in order to function properly.
At Defender, we have been on the water for a long time, professionally, recreationally, and all points in-between.
We know that the need for properly functioning
sailboat parts, hardware and accessories are crucial for your safety and enjoyment of the water.

Unlike powered watercraft, sailboats are almost as unique as each person at their helm, which is why different craft require different pieces for their safe operation.
Defender has the parts you need for modification and customization to improve the ease of handling, as well as performance of your sailboat.

Sailboat Hardware, Parts and Accessories at Defender

  • Mainsail: The largest sail, attached to the mast at the luff, and the boom at the foot of the sail catches the majority of the wind, and the boom moves to catch the optimum angle of the wind.
  • Headsail (Jib, genoa, or spinnaker): This sail allows you to tack, which is cutting across a headwind in a zig-zag (since a headwind would just blow you backwards otherwise). It is usually a smaller, triangular sail ahead of the mainsail.
  • Deck hardware: Includes the mast, winches, and other hardware on the deck which move the sails, and through that, your boat.
  • Tiller: The steering system of the boat, connected to the rudder, which changes the direction of the boat depending on the angle it faces in the water.
  • Keel: The long beam which runs the length of the boat from bow to stern (front to back) underneath the water. This is where the strength of the hull is, as well as a balancing divider which also helps a boat maintain its direction. It also gives resistance in the water to keep the sails from tipping the boat over. In smaller craft, a keel is known as a centerboard or a daggerboard.
  • The forefoot: The shape of the angle in which the bow cuts into the water. Much like the edge of a blade, this determines the performance of certain craft in different kinds of water including open sea, rivers, lakes, etc.

  • Defender has your sailboat hardware needs covered from the front face of the keel all the way back to the heel.
    We carry a fully stocked inventory for every sailor.
    Check out our inventory of sailboat parts and accessories today and get sailing.

    Common Sailboat Hardware, Parts, and Accessories available from Defender today:

  • Sailboat Blocks
  • Deck Hardware
  • Sheaves
  • Mainsail Handling
  • Headsail Handling
  • Sailboat Winches
  • Rope Clutches
  • Rigging

  • As you become more familiar with the different parts of your sailboat, as well as what is needed to sail, you'll see that Defender carries every part you need and is ready to help with any questions you have about how to repair, maintain, or improve the performance of your sailboat.

    Contact Defender to upgrade your Sailboat hardware today!