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Marine Fuel Tanks, Pumps and Filter

They say that water and fuel don't mix.
Well, unfortunately, they might mix way too easily but water does a terrible job at combustion to say the least.
When you are on the open water, you are bound to get some water into your fuel system, not to mention dirt, debris, sludge, and just about any other substance that has it out for your motor.
Unlike breaking down on the side of the road, a clogged or contaminated fuel system on the water means either having to swim home or be lucky enough for someone to tow you in.
This is known as the main culprit of having a bad day out on the lake.

Since you are dealing with such an unstable environment as open water, you are still facing the same mechanical issues as you would be on dry land and you are constantly surrounded by it.
Getting some water in your marine fuel lines or tank is expected to happen when you have poorly maintained fuel system.
This can lead to accelerated corrosion, which can create clogs, line breaks, or seized motors.
Even worse, damaged boat fuel lines and components can lead to fire, in which case you will really be up the creek without a paddle.

Being stranded on the water after a marine fuel system failure is serious business.
You can be at risk for collisions, being the only thing on the water not moving, your watercraft can become swamped by waves or wakes, or you can be at the mercy of the currents, which can pull your craft further out to sea or downriver.
Having a way to power your watercraft is essential, and unfortunately, stowing away a few oars just isn't as practical as you might thing.
When it comes to fuel systems on a boat, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

Boat Fuel System Parts Defender Carries:

  • Marine Fuel Tanks:
    1. OEM Fuel Tanks
    2. Portable tanks and cans
    3. Flexible fuel tanks
    4. Above/below deck tanks
  • Fuel/water separators: Keeping water out of your motor is crucial for life on the water.
  • In line fuel filters: Defender has the marine fuel filter you need. Not only in-line components, but removable paper filter/separator elements as well.
  • Pre-made fuel lines: The safest and most reliable fuel lines which require no cuts, splicing, or additional fittings. Reliable and ready to use!
  • Fuel primers: The best way to prime your fuel system without the danger of exposing fuel intakes to the elements or the risk of flooding the system with too much fuel.
  • Fuel fittings and connectors: O-rings, valves, and brass connector fittings are all making sure the fuel is being safely delivered to the motor. Worn or damaged fittings and connectors should always be replaced to prevent failure or even fire.
  • Fuel polishers: Improve the quality of your fuel as well as stability to ensure a clean tank and system with one of these polishers.
  • Boat Fuel Pumps and Siphons: The only safe way to pump or siphon fuel is with one of these devices. No toolkit should be without one.
  • Premixed fuel: In open water, you need a reliable source of premixed and measured fuel. Portable and convenient to carry on-board!

  • The Defender Advantage

    Proper care and maintenance of your marine fuel system is one of the most important parts of owning and operating a watercraft.
    The dangers of being stranded on the water or finding yourself adrift are very serious and potentially life-threatening.
    Being equipped with the right replacement parts is what Defender can do for you to help.
    We offer a vast assortment of boat fuel parts, components, and accessories to keep your motor running and your watercraft riding the waves.
    Contact us to find out more about what Defender has to offer you!