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Marine Engine Parts - Defender

Boat motors are built to withstand some of the most rigorous conditions on the planet.
Water is an incredibly destructive substance, and even as tough as boat motor parts are, only through constant maintenance and replacement will your boat endure the damage from corrosion, mold, and mechanical wear that water dishes out.
Some crucial marine engine parts we carry include:
  • Carburetors:

    The heart of many motors, a carburetor blends oxygen rich air with fuel and delivers it via intake manifold to the combustion chambers of the engine cylinders, where a spark ignites the fuel under pressure. Without proper carburation, your fuel may be running too rich, too lean, or not at all. Improper fuel/air mixtures can also create engine wear. Worse yet, worn or damaged carburetors can leave you out in the water without a motor over time. Marine carburetors have to keep fuel clear of excess water as well, since engine rods and valves don't play well in an aqueous environment.
  • Water pump:

    Ironically enough, even though boats are out on the water, it is important to keep mechanical parts on the boat as dry as possible. Water pumps remove water from the boat, not only during times when a hull breach may have occurred, but also to remove condensation and water that collects in the bilge and other compartments of your boat. Since water contains minerals--especially salt water--the atomic properties of many of these compounds in water can be highly corrosive, leading to corrosion of metal, weakening of plastic and fiberglass, and malfunction of moving parts. Properly maintained water pumps remove excess water and allow your watercraft to keep the damage at bay.
  • Oil injection kits:

    Proper mechanical lubrication is critical out on the water. Not only does oil provide smooth motion and reduced friction and mechanical heat in machinery, it is also important in reduction of corrosion. Updated and properly functioning oil injection parts keep your motor running in spite of the harmful effects of water.

  • Why Defender?

    Defender supplies a wide range of boat motor parts for replacement, upgrade, and regular maintenance.
    Being a good boat owner means diligence when it comes to the upkeep of your boat, not only to ensure you are having a good time, but also to prevent any emergencies a breakdown out on the water may create.

    Browse our wide selection of parts and accessories today for your watercraft.
    Defender has been out on the water for over 80 years and has a lifetime of knowledge when it comes to boating.
    Contact us with any questions you may have about marine engine parts and accessories.