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Marine Epoxy & Fiberglass Supplies

Not long ago, boats were constructed from wood and pitch.
These materials offered the versatility of creating a variety of hull shapes with strips of overlapping wood and an adhesive that kept water out.
This allowed for a strong bond that helped maintain the structural integrity of the vessel.
As early as the mid-1940s, other materials were coming into use.
Materials that were synthetic in nature allowed boat builders to construct watercrafts in just about any shape and size from sources other than wood.

Fiberglass is very lightweight, strong, and can be made into nearly any shape and design, unlike wood, which is limited to the grain, type of wood, and weight of the wood.
Epoxy is a strong adhesive which bonds to nearly any substance and is especially water durable.
By creating fiberglass hulls and using gelcoats, epoxy adhesives, and resin laminating, boat building reached an entirely new generation level.
Not only in construction, but durability, maintenance, and repair methods.

Purpose of Marine Epoxy & Fiberglass Supplies

Gel coats, adhesives, and lamination allow for quick repairs that not only withstand a lot of punishment but can also be done in emergency situations on the water.
Inspection of your vessel can give you an idea of what repairs need to be made, and they can be done on the spot, thus preventing accidents before embarking.
These adhesives and laminates are so strong and reliable, they could even be used to build your own boat.
Believe it or not, there are some mariners who actually do this.

Tools We Sell to Help You with Epoxy Resin

These tools are used in conjunction with marine epoxy resin.
Many allow you to mix the products.
  • Fillers: a quick substrate that fills in dings and eliminates possible hull breaches.
  • Solvents: aids in the cleanup of epoxy, thins paint, and is strong enough to remove it if necessary.
  • Flotation foam: an additive that helps your vessel maintain buoyancy.
  • Fiberglass matting: an absorbent material that helps with reinforcing the boat. It keeps moisture out and helps the marine epoxy resin form to the shape of your boat. The thick material is one of a kind and Defender is THE largest supplier of fiberglass matting in the entire nation.
  • Cartridge systems: similar to caulk guns, they are used for the easy application of epoxy paste and allow you to seal up any cracks you find.
  • Core materials: laminates created to work in conjunction with resin application.
  • Rot Fix and Wood repair: multi-purpose epoxies with low odor, used to preserve the wood finish on your craft. These are waterproof, fit various molds, can be used on all types of wood and can be used anywhere on your boat. Product cure time depends on the product, but most epoxies cure between 8-24 hours.
  • Tape, mats, cloth-mixing & application tools: an assortment of other tools, patch kits, and forming used to keep you on the water.

  • Why Defender?

    Defender has been the go-to source for boating enthusiasts longer than there has been fiberglass and synthetic hulled boats.
    We provide a comprehensive inventory for your marine epoxy and fiberglass supplies needs.
    Contact us today to see how we can help you!