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Marine EPIRBs & Marine Locator Beacons at Defender Marine

Do you carry enough safety gear aboard?
We'd all like to think that our boat will never spring a leak or otherwise run into trouble.
However, there's a reason the Coast Guard requires us to carry life jackets and fire extinguishers!

If you don't already have these three safety devices on your boat, you might want to consider adding them. They can be real lifesavers in an emergency!


    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
  • Marine EPIRBS & Marine Locator Beacons are installed on your boat. In case of a boat emergency it transmits a distress code to the nearest rescue center. .
  • If it has built-in GPS, rescuers will be able to locate your boat within approximately 100 yards. Without GPS, it may take a couple of hours to locate the EPIRB within 3 miles. .
  • An EPIRB should always be mounted where it's easily accessible from the cockpit. The last thing you want to do if your boat is sinking is go below in search of your EPIRB! .
  • Even though some models are automatic and have hydrostatic release brackets, you don't want to leave it behind if you have to abandon ship. .
    Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
  • Like other Marine EPIRBs & Marine Locator Beacons, Marine PLBs are like miniature EPIRBs that help rescuers find a person rather than a boat. .
  • They send an SOS signal and a location fix to rescuers via satellite. Most also include GPS that can help precisely pinpoint your location.

You should always wear you?re your Boat PLB & AIS when you're aboard.
After all, nobody ever plans to fall overboard.
It can't help rescuers find you if it's in your cabin while you're struggling to keep your head above water!
    Search and Rescue Transponder (SART)
  • A waterproof marine SART is a self-contained, floating emergency transponder. There are two types: radar-SART and AIS-SART (automatic identification system SART). Radar-SART is the most common type, especially for recreational boats.
  • Most smaller boats (and especially lifeboats) don't show up particularly well on radar. Because of this, you might want to consider adding a SART to your safety gear. It enhances ships' radar returns so they can spot you more easily.

At Defender Marine, we take your safety seriously, and we understand the importance of having your boat equipped with PLB, AISs, and SARTs.
That's why we carry an extensive collection of Marine EPIRBs & Marine Locator Beacons for boaters.
We'd hate for any our customers to be lost at sea for lack of a piece of gear.
We'd much rather help you get your boat ready for your next great adventure on the water!