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Boat Navigation Lights

Boating after dark isn't much fun without adequate lighting. Being out on the water without proper navigation lights when it's dark or when visibility is poor not only makes traversing the waters difficult but also extremely dangerous. Defender Marine carries a wide selection of LED navigation lights from side lights, stern lights, mast lights and all-round lights for all types and sizes of boats & marine watercrafts.

Types Of Navigation Lights

  • Side lights are the red (port) and green (starboard) lights displayed on the bow of your boat. They can be either two separate lights or one bicolored fixture.
  • Stern lights are centered dead astern and shine behind and out to the side. Together, the side and stern lights make a complete circle of light around the boat.
  • Smaller, slower boats may be able to substitute a white all-around light for separate side and stern lights. The all-around light must make a 360° circle of light around the boat.

  • Side, stern and all-round are the main navigation lights boats need. Other lighting may be required depending on the size and type of boat, whether it's at anchor, if it's a sailboat under power, or if it's staying in one place waiting for divers. Always check Coast Guard and local regulations to make sure you're operating your boat legally!

    Note: Always carry spares for your boat's navigation lights! The Coast Guard doesn't care if a bulb burned out after you got underway. They will issue you a citation if it isn't working when they spot you.

    At Defender, we carry a large selection of LED marine navigation lights. Majority of our boat navigation lights from side and stern lights to convenient portable lights are long-lasting, energy-saving LEDs. We also have mounting brackets along with replacement lenses and spare bulbs, just in case. You'll sleep better on the water knowing that your boat has the proper navigation lights and enough light to safely make your way to the head in the middle of the night. If you need assistance deciding on what navigation lighting product your boat needs, contact our Customer Service team at 1-860-701-3400 or 1-800-628-8225.