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Marine Bottom Paints at Defender:

Antifouling Bottom Paint

  • Antifouling bottom paint for boats contains copper compounds or other biocides to deter growth of marine organisms on your boat's hull, helping to keep your boat clean and fast.
  • Defender offers a wide selection of antifouling bottom paints for boats of all types.
  • We regularly stock copper-based bottom paints, copper-free paints and water-based anti-fouling bottom paints as well as bottom paints with anti-slime protection.

  • Ablative Bottom Paint

  • Ablative bottom paints wear away with use, exposing new biocides.
  • They are very efficient at impeding marine growth but require the boat to be moving to work.
  • Use ablative bottom paint in high antifouling areas, or if the boat is hauled out every season.

  • Hard Bottom Paint

  • The active ingredient in hard bottom paint leaches out while the paint film stays mostly intact.
  • Long-lasting, adhere well, are abrasion resistant, and work equally well at the dock and underway.
  • Hard bottom paints are recommended for boats that regularly run at high speeds or for boats that are in the water for extended periods.

  • Water-based Antifouling Paint

  • Water-based paints have fewer VOC?s, less odor, and clean up with soap and water.
  • Safe for use on inflatable boats.

  • Hybrid Bottom Paint

  • Hybrid technology offers all the advantages of ablative and hard paints.
  • They exhibit excellent performance, are abrasion resistant, and can be burnished to a slick finish.
  • Hybrid bottom paints are recommended for racing boats.

  • Copper-free Bottom Paint

  • Copper-free bottom paints use alternative biocides like Econea® that are eco-friendly.
  • They can be used over almost any other bottom paint and are suitable for any substrate, including steel and aluminum.
  • The lack of copper also allows for bright colors, as well. Use for metal boats, if you are concerned about the environment, or if you desire a bright color.

  • How much paint will I need for my boat?

    HINT: If you are applying ablative bottom paint for the first time on a new hull, or you have removed all old bottom paint and are starting with a bare hull, it is a good idea to apply a signal coat.
    Apply 1 coat of a bottom paint color that is different from the color you will use for the final coats.
    When the signal color begins to show through, you will know that it is time to start thinking about repainting, but you will still have protection in the meantime.

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