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Boat Grills & BBQs

One of the things you might enjoy the most about summertime is a cookout with your favorite grill. Whether it is steaks and burgers or lobster and veggies, there is nothing quite like that smokey flavor and rich taste flame grilling gives food.

Relaxing and rewarding

Just like a cookout at home, grilling on your boat offers the same enjoyment and relaxation. The smells of cooking meat or vegetables can be had right there on the water. Whether it is reeling in your own fish and grilling them up there or bringing in some grass-finished ribeyes from the mainland, your meals can be just as easy and delicious as they are at home around your grill.

Different types of boat grills to choose from

With a variety of different marine BBQ grills to choose from, your boat is no different than your home when it comes to choosing the right grill for you.

  • Charcoal grills flavor fish and meats with a great smoky flavor. Lump charcoal or briquettes offer you the natural way cooking on open fire has been enjoyed for thousands of years.
  • Propane grills allow for flame broiled flavor without the need for charcoal. Heat levels are consistent and adjustable.
  • Electric grills are convenient and don't need gas or charcoal. They can offer the same smokey flavor with the help of wood chips too!

The size of the boat matters when choosing a grill.Ideally you want your vessel to be large enough to accommodate your crew and guests without the risk of burns, but also keeping in mind that heat created by these grills can pose a fire hazard. Contact Defender to see what kinds of grills will work best for your watercraft!

Defender carries a wide variety of Marine BBQ grills and grill accessories:

  • Charcoal BBQ Grills
  • Propane BBQ Grills
  • Electric BBQ Grills
  • Grill Mounts
  • Grill Covers
  • Grill Parts and Accessories
  • Propane gas

Why Defender?

Defender has over 80 years in the business and has a knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist you with your boat and grill BBQ decisions.Contact us today to see how we can help make your day on the water the best day ever!