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Marine Stereo Systems / Radios - Defender Industries

Selecting the right type of Marine Stereo System

Defender has a wide selection of marine radios, boat speakers, stereos, receivers, enclosures and mounts, components and other accessories.
With brands such as Boss, Fusion, and Sony to choose from, as well as satellite radios, we've got you covered.
Whether it is Bluetooth boat tower speakers, AM/FM, CD, or MP3 technology, Defender has the marine stereo you are looking for.
Contact us to see what one of our team members can do for you and your marine stereo system upgrade today!

What is a marine stereo system?

Enjoying your time on the water is integral to the boating experience.
As much as we love the water, in some cases the feeling is not reciprocal.
Whether it is salt or fresh water, the toll water can take on your boat and equipment can be astounding.
Water is the main culprit when it comes to erosion, facilitating decay, frost action, and corrosion.
Corrosion is probably the most common culprit in breaking down metallic and plastic components in marine equipment, especially when it comes to saltwater environments.
As a result, marine radios and Bluetooth boat tower speakers have a shorter lifespan than their land-based counterparts.
In short, water and electricity don't mix.
The other critical point is when you are miles from anything, on flat or choppy water, you need a marine stereo system that is not only dependable and resistant to the elements, but also will receive signals for important information should you need it.
Or if you don't need it, at least be ready to let you bump some good tunes through your boat speakers on the water.
Long distances from radio signals across flat surfaces, require more power as well as specialized parts that keep the signals coming in loud and clear.

How are they different from regular stereos?

Built tough:

Marine stereos and Bluetooth boat tower speakers have to be tough enough to withstand constant exposure to some of the harshest elements on Earth: water.
Salt water is especially corrosive, but that doesn't mean that your freshwater vessel is going to get any breaks.
Water finds its way into anything that isn't sealed against it.

Protection against the sun:

All that water also makes for an ideal reflective surface, which means the plastic components are receiving even more UV radiation from the sun.
In time, UV radiation will break down plastics, making them cloudy, brittle, and even compromise their ability to resist water.
UV resistant materials are crucial in a marine stereo system.

Corrosion resistance:

The conductors in your stereo are made from metals such as copper, which are excellent at conducting electricity, but also easily corroded.
In time, these parts will succumb to the minerals in water, and eventually your electronic equipment will become about as useful as a brick.
Coated circuit boards, plated connectors and relays, as well as corrosion-resistant cases and coverings make all the difference.

Note: On the water we often rely heavily on our electronic equipment.
These devices should be replaced upon the first signs of wear to ensure safety and reliability, or every five to seven years, whichever comes first.