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Heating & Air Conditioning at Defender

Having control over the climate in your boat allows you to enjoy it throughout the change of seasons.
You won't be uncomfortably hot or cold when you have adequate cooling and heating aboard.
The right systems will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.
Investing in quality heating and cooling systems can even increase the value of your boat.

Marine Air Conditioners and Heaters

Heating and A/C systems designed for boats are unaffected by variations in temperature or moisture.
They can handle the vibrations and other motions inherent on boats.
Due to several different boat designs, these heating and cooling systems are versatile and can be installed wherever it is convenient on your boat.

It is important to perform regular maintenance checks to ensure your A/C and heating systems are working properly and may need to upgrade or replace your systems if they are not getting the job done.

Preparing for the different seasons:

  • At Defender, we carry a variety of different air conditioners and heaters for many different types of boats.
  • Our heaters offer a range of fuel options, including propane, diesel (with kerosene or stove fuel options), solid fuel, electric, and engine heat exchangers.
  • We also carry the accessories you'll need for your heating system, like hoses, ventilation ducts, exhaust caps, etc.
  • Special heating systems protect engine compartments, batteries, and bilge pumps from unexpected cold snaps. They can even extend the boating season so you can squeeze in a little extra enjoyment on the water!
  • Our A/C units incorporate reverse cycle heating. Now you can cool and heat with one space-saving unit!
  • We also have A/C installation kits and the accessories you'll need for a successful install.
  • Dehumidifiers keep you dry and comfortable even when the weather is muggy. Keeping the air inside your boat drier also helps fight mold, mildew, and musty odors.

  • Why choose Defender for cooling and heating options?

    At Defender, we carry a great selection of heating and cooling systems along with added accessories.
    Choosing a heating or A/C system can sometimes confusing.
    We pride ourselves on helping our customers find a system that will meet their needs and one that is appropriate for their boat.
    If you have questions about setting up your heating or cooling system, contact us.
    We are always happy to help!