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Marine Paints

Defender carries an extensive array of the most popular marine paints.

Bottom paint

Bottom paints (often called antifouling paint) is a paint designed to prevent weeds, barnacles, and other aquatic organisms from coating your boat?s hull, adding to the drag through the water.
Reducing drag will save on fuel cost and improve your boat?s performance.
Bottom paints come in ablative or hard formulas. Ablative bottom paints will release anti-fouling agents over time.
Water baser bottom paints formulas are also available for the eco-conscious boaters.

Topside paints

Topside paints come in one or two part formulas, with the one-part being more oriented for the do-it-yourselfers.
They are easy to apply and more affordable but are more prone to scratching.
They also will not last as long as the two-part paints. Two-part paints are much harder than the one-part and will offer better color retention and longevity.
Two-part marine paints are harder to apply and are usually used by professionals.

Specialty paints

Specialty boat paints, like bilge paints and deck paints are specially formulated for those specific applications.
Deck paints can also come with non-skid materials already added.
If you need assistance with what type of marine paint you need or finding a specific boat paint, contact our customer service representatives during business hours at 1-860-701-3400 or 1-800-628-8225.