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Dinghy Accessories

Traditionally, dinghies are smaller boats used as safety/lifeboats for larger vessels.
A properly equipped and maintained dinghy is a vital piece of safety equipment.
In case of an emergency on the water, you will be very glad to have that dinghy!

Types of Dinghies

Through the years, dinghies have been made out of everything from wood to aluminum to fiberglass.
Modern dinghies are commonly inflatable because of their lighter weight, ease of storage and transport, and cost-effectiveness.
Dinghies may be propelled via oars, sails, or motors, depending upon their intended use and the owner's preference.

Inflatable Dinghy Accessories, Parts & Supplies

Besides the dinghy itself, there are other parts and accessories you should consider adding.
The following list includes what we consider the most important:


An anchor is an essential accessory.
Defender carries a range of anchor systems that are appropriate for dinghies.
You should choose an anchor based on the type of bottom over which you will be anchoring.
The depth will determine the length of anchor chain you will need.

Boat Consoles

Steering consoles make navigating and steering your inflatable much easier.
They are absolutely essential if you intend to race your dinghy.
Defender offers several options, including both standing and seated models.

Boat Seats

Proper seating gives you more control and makes rowing easier.
We have a large selection of seating for inflatables, ranging from simple wood or aluminum benches to bow cushions and cushioned benches with backrests.

Cargo Lifts

A cargo lift or crane can make it easier to load and unload a dingy, outboard motor, or supplies.

Keel Guards

These protect the hull of your boat from abrasive surfaces.
These tough composites protect from concrete boat ramps, coarse sand, rocks, coral, oyster beds, and other abrasive materials the bottom of your dinghy might encounter in shallow water.
With them, you can beach your inflatable almost anywhere without worrying about leaks.


A ladder makes boarding and leaving your dinghy easier and safer.
We have a variety of styles available, including rigid, telescopic, and folding.

Oars and Paddles

Defender has a large selection of oars and paddles of different materials, shapes, and sizes.
Choose from wooden, aluminum, synthetic, or composites. We even have a telescopic paddle that is easy to stash for emergencies.
We also have the oarlocks and other accessories you will need.

Plates and Registration

Registration numbers on your boat are required by law.
We carry registration plates and holders specially designed for use on inflatable crafts.
We also have stenciling kits, flexible paints, and American flag emblems so you can customize your dinghy.

Tow Bridles

Towing your dinghy with a single line puts too much stress at one point.
A towing bridle is a much better option since it spreads the stress out across 2 or 3 attachment points.
A 2-point bridle attaches to the bow eyes on the sides of the boat. A 3-point bridle attaches to the bow eyes and the bow.
A tow bridle makes deploying and retracting your dinghy easier and makes docking safer.

Other Dinghy Accessories

In order to take proper care of your dinghy (and get the longest life from it), you may also want to consider these accessories:
  • Electric or manual pumps are needed to inflate your dinghy. You will also need a good pump gauge to ensure your dinghy is properly inflated. Under or over-inflating your dinghy can result in severe damage.
  • Storage/carry bags protect your inflatable dinghy while it's in storage or being transported. We also have underseat storage bags and bow bags to stash essential safety gear and personal items.
  • Motor mounts and brackets allow you to securely mount an outboard motor to your inflatable boat.
  • Navigation lights include a 360-degree white transom light for use at night. You will need to add a white stern light and red and green bow lights if your dinghy is longer than 23' or makes more than 7 knots.
  • Davit kits and accessories allow you to raise your dinghy out of the water. This protects it from thieves and allows you to cruise with it aboard.
  • Defender carries a large selection of replacement air valve parts.
  • We also have a great choice of parts for your inflatable's drains.
  • We carry flexible anti-fouling bottom paint as well as restoration paint that will have your worn inflatable covering looking like new again.
  • Boat cleaners and UV protection are an easy way to keep your inflatable dinghy looking great for many years. They are specially formulated to clean, restore, and protect inflatables.

  • Why buy from Defender?

    Defender is your one-stop-shop for all of your dinghy accessories, parts, and repairs.
    Keeping your dinghy in good repair not only protects your investment, it could also save lives!
    Prepare for possible emergencies at sea with a properly equipped dinghy in excellent condition.
    For your convenience, Defender has gathered everything you will need in one place and at great prices!