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Boat Trailers at Defender Industries

The first step to getting your boat out on the water starts at the loading docks.
We have all witnessed the entertainment of the challenges of trailering a boat quickly and efficiently.
Your boat trailer is as crucial a piece of your recreational experience as your bilge pumps, motor, or any other part of your boat itself, because if you don?t have the equipment to get the boat on the water, floating is not an option.
Keeping your boat trailer in good working condition is just part of the process when it comes to making sure you enjoy your boat on the water.
Water is a very destructive compound, and salt water is even worse when it comes to the wear and tear it puts on your trailer?s parts, lights, and additional accessories.
Trailer maintenance is essential to having successful boating seasons year after year.

Boat Trailers:

To keep everything in top shape, you need to regularly inspect and replace worn, corroded, or broken components before they turn into a problem that will undoubtedly ruin your weekend (and probably the one after that too!).
  • Boat trailers: New boats always deserve new trailers. Trailers endure many miles on the road, as well as being submerged, loading and unloading, and seasons of downtime, holding your boat on dry land when you can't be out on the water. It might not look like it, but boat trailers do wear out, and replacing them is critical when it comes to the safety of your investment.
  • Boat dollies: Ideal for inflatable boats, smaller craft, and shorter distances. When you don't have the need for an entire trailer, a boat dolly works well.

  • Boat Trailer Parts:

  • Trailer U-Bolts and Brackets: Parts that come under a lot of strain use after use are designed to be replaced regularly. These parts are essential in your trailer system and should be inspected and replaced regularly.
  • Trailer lights and connectors: For your safety, and others on the road, your lights and electrical system needs to be in working order. The most common issue recreational boaters experience is faulty trailer lights. The bulbs pop from water exposure, the wires shorts out, many things go wrong on the trailer?s lights due to the amount of abuse they take during regular outings. With Defender?s complete boat trailer light offerings, you will never be without brakes and blinker lights again.
  • Trailer winches and accessories: Winches and accessories wear out over time, but not all winches are created equal. Larger boats require tougher winches that can handle the load of the larger components. Straps and cables should always be in good working condition and designed to handle the weight of your boat to prevent accidents or even loss of your boat while traveling.
  • Trailer tongue jack stands: Jack stands for your boat trailer tongue can be your best friend after a long day on the water or hitching your boat to your truck in the dark and early hours of the morning. If the trailer tongue?s jack stand isn't working properly, it will quickly become your worst enemy. Jack stands support a lot of weight and ensure the accuracy and ease of which you hitch your trailer to your vehicle. You never need to settle for a piece of unreliable equipment. If it needs replacing, we have a wide assortment to choose from that will suit your needs.
  • Trailer hitch hardware: Bearings, pins, and other trailer wheel hardware can wear out quickly due to the nature of the water you drive into to load and unload your boat. More times than we need to see, you'll find a boat trailer on the side of the road with a seized wheel bearing or worse. If you don't want to be that guy who missed out on the lake for the weekend because of a bad trailer wheel, get your spares and replacements.

  • Boat Trailer Accessories

  • Trailer guide-ons: Make sure you bring your boat in level after a long day on the water. These will eliminate accidents, gouging, or misalignment that will cause problems during transport.

  • Contact us!

    Defender has been making the best of our customers' boating and recreation experiences for decades. Contact us today to see how we can work with you to improve your trailer, boating, or water-sports experience today!