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Clearance: Every business ends up with some discontinued Items on their shelves which are the result of manufacturers going out of business or when manufacturers and suppliers decide to discontinue, replace or stop stocking a particular product. Defender has been in business since 1938 so we have a few Closeout items on our shelves, too.

This category includes discontinued electronics and many accessories for older marine electronics. It also includes foul weather gear, clothing and shoes, maintenance items, sailing hardware, vintage boating products and some "one of a kind" items, just to name a few catagories. Many of these items are priced at or below our cost.

Due to the limited quantities of some Clearance items, they will be sold on a "first come first served basis". If the product that you want to purchase has been sold out, there may be others that will work for your application. Use the Search Box to find a replacement.

Sales of all Clearance items are final.
Please feel free to contact us if you need more information about an item prior to your purchase:

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