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Davis Instruments

In 2019 was a milestone year in Davis Instruments' history.

First, we celebrated our Golden Anniversary. We raised our mugs of tea to two fresh-out-of-business-school guys, who, back in 1969, decided to scrape together enough cash to buy a business. How could youngsters Jim Acquistapace and Bob Selig have guessed that the little marine product company they bought from Mr. Davis himself would someday become a worldwide weather station company with a reputation for producing high quality, affordable, rugged, and accurate weather stations?.

But 2019 was also the End of an Era, and the start of a new life for Davis Instruments. After 50 years, Jim and Bob retired and Davis Instruments became part of the Advanced Environmental Monitoring partnering with other members of our new family including OneRain, High Sierra, Vieux & Associates, FTS, Lambrecht Meteo, and Earth Networks.

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