Inflatable Rescue Boats

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Rescue Boats

Inflatable Rescue Boats

Inflatable Rescue Boats - Rigged RIB Packages

Inflatable Rescue Boats
Rigged RIB Packages

Defender Emergency Responder Packages

Emergency Responder Packages Brochure

Rescue Boards

Solstice Rescue Board


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Olympic Trials Test Facility on the Saint Joseph River was no match for MilPro

Achilles LSI-310E Inflation in under 5 minutes!

Outboard Motors and Trailers

Outboard Motors
Inflatable Boat Trailers

Other First Responder Gear

Safety - Rescue Devices
Safety - PFDs / Immersion Suits
Rescue Lighting
Thermal Night Vision
Optics Binoculars
Optics Electronics

Inquiries / Bid Requests

Please e-mail inquiries or bid requests for boats or motors to:

[email protected]

Contact us at 800-628-8225.

Commercial Accounts

Please e-mail inquiries for commercial accounts to:

[email protected]

Contact us at 800-262-8727.


First Responder Rescue Boats and Accessories

At Defender Industries, we are proud to work with first responder organizations across the country.
Our specialized boat packages give marine patrol and rescue organizations what they need to save lives.
We understand the difficulty and danger that our first responders face every time they get the call.
Defender supports first responder and rescue units with a committed approach to providing affordable rescue boat packages to our first responder organizations.
Our partnership with local communities helps bring vital rescue services to communities nationwide.

Defender is the world's leading supplier of emergency responder boat packages.
We work with communities of shapes and sizes to find solutions for their rescue equipment needs.
Our various emergency responder packages are specially designed to meet the needs of different types of water rescue organizations.

Can Defender help your community?

We have the in-depth knowledge, experience, and extensive product inventory required to help you meet your emergency needs while staying within your budget.

Because of that, we have provided inflatable rescue boat customizations to a wide variety of clients:

  • Academic institutions
  • Yacht clubs
  • Animal rescues
  • Fire departments
  • Police departments
  • Sheriff's organizations
  • Search and Rescue teams (SAR)

  • Communities across the country and around the world know that they can depend on Defender's commitment to safety and reliability when purchasing rescue boats or other emergency gear.

    We carry a full range of high-quality first responder gear:

  • Check out our selection of inflatable rescue boats, outboard motors, trailers, parts, and accessories.
  • Our rigid inflatable boats for community organizations may be just the solution you need.
  • We also offer rigged RIB packages, including our own affordable Defender packages.
  • Electronic rescue gear includes GPS, sonar, VHF radios and hailers.
  • Our MOB rescue devices include slings, throwable lines, throwable flotation devices, and personal lights.
  • We have commercial, type I offshore, and PFDs along with re-arming kits for inflatable PFDs.
  • Along with PFDs, we also offer floatation jackets, work suits, and immersion suits in order to meet all of your response needs.
  • Don't forget personal safety items like whistles, harnesses, and tethers!
  • Our rescue lighting options include flashlights, handheld or fixed mount spotlights, strobe lights, and deck lights.
  • For those times when regular lights aren't enough, we also carry thermal night vision products. These include handheld or fixed mount thermal imaging options.
  • Quality binoculars help you spot activity on (or in) the water. We carry binoculars with a range of magnifications from premier brands like Nikon. Some models feature image stabilization to improve their usefulness on a moving boat.
  • We also offer custom splicing to suit your organization's particular needs.

  • The Defender/First Responder connection

    The inflatable rescue boats for sale at Defender Industries are designed to handle the most extreme conditions.
    We know how dangerous it is to head out in all kinds of weather from rough seas, to cold pitch-black nights, our first responders don't have an option to say no when duty calls.
    With the constant potential for dangerous conditions, first responders need a boat that is as ready to hit the water when they are.

    In order to best serve the needs of rescue organizations in communities across the world, we have even designed our own line of affordable rescue craft.
    From inflatable boats to RIBs to rigged RIB packages, Defender has the first responder watercraft your organization needs.
    We will work with you to find the right equipment to get the job done while staying within your community's budget.

    When it comes to rescue boats that are functional, safe, and durable, you can always count on the Defender difference!
    If your organization is in need of new equipment, fill out our commercial accounts application form today.
    Doing so will get you started on your way to the equipment you need in order to serve your community.
    Contact us for more details or answers to your questions.
    Our experienced staff can help you choose the equipment that will best serve your needs.

    How do I open a commercial account?
    1. Fill out a Commercial Account Application
    2. Supply a copy of your company’s business letterhead
    3. Submit a copy of your state’s Sales & Use Tax or Resale Certificate

    Email or Mail application materials to:
    Defender Industries
    Commercial Accounts Group
    42 Great Neck Road
    Waterford, CT 06385-3336
    [email protected]

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