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Aquagard, Flexdel, & Flexabar Antifouling Paints

Flexdel & Aquagard Paints
Aquagard Water-based AntiFouling Paint

Aquagard Water-based
AntiFouling Paint

  • Water-Based Ablative
  • Specially Formulated to Repel Barnacles, Slime and Algae
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Application and Clean-Up

Flexdel Bottom Guard AntiFouling Paint

Flexdel Bottom Guard
AntiFouling Paint

  • Ablative
  • Specially Formulated to Repel Barnacles, Slime and Algae
  • Solvent-based
  • Outstanding Value

Flexdel Armor Copper-Free AntiFouling Paint

Flexdel Armor Copper-Free
AntiFouling Paint

  • Muti-Season Copper-Free Ablative
  • Dual Biocide Prevents Slime and Algae
  • For Fiberglass, Wood, and Aluminum
  • Solvent-based
  • EPA Approved

Aquagard Alumi-Koa AntiFouling Paint

Aquagard Alumi-Koat
AntiFouling Paint

  • Water-Based Ablative
  • Formulated for Aluminum Hulls
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Application and Clean-Up
  • Avaliable in Aerosol Can for Outdrives and Stern Drives

Aquagard Inflatable Bottom Coating

Aquagard Inflatable
Bottom Coating

  • Water-Based Antifouling Paint for Hypalon, PVC & Rubber
  • Allows for Deflation / Rolling without Cracking Paint
  • Repels Barnacles and Marine Growth
  • Easy Soap and Water Clean-Up

Flexabar Buoy AntiFouling Paint

Flexabar Buoy
Antifouling Paint

  • For PVC and Inflatable Vinyl Buoys, Colorfast, UV Resistant
  • Available in Assorted High-Visibility Colors

Aquagard Primers

Aquagard Primers

  • 190 - Water-based Primer formulated for use on Aluminum and Wood
  • 181 - Sonvent-based Primer for use with Antifouling Paint

Flexdel Water Based Rope Dip

Flexdel Water Based Rope Dip

  • Protects Ropes and Nets from Abrasion and UV
  • Water-Based Urethane available in a variety of colors

Flexdel & Aquagard Paints

About Flexdel's Aquagard Product Line

Beginning in the year 2000, and still ongoing, a development program entitled “Research and Development to Commercialize an Innovative Line of Environmentally Preferable Paints and Coatings for the Marine and Aquaculture Industry” was funded by Flexdel Corp. and a TTCP grant from the State of New Jersey – Commission on Science and Technology, under Granter #02-2042-010-04.

The Purpose of this program was to further reduce and ultimately eliminate all copper from marine antifouling products and to develop and commercialize effective substitutes for TBTO – containing antifouling paints.

The result of this work is a new generation of Flexdel’s Aquagard products, some of which may have been registered as anti-foulants with the U.S. EPA (These products are now clearly marked as an Enviro-Friendly Product), as well as silicone release type products for the replacement of traditional paints containing TBTO. Flexdel’s environmentally friendly products contribute to keeping the air and water clean, especially in the sensitive areas of marinas and estuaries. In particular, these Aquagard products are EPA registered.

Flexdel introduced the Aquagard product line with rave reviews and high ratings (powerboat Reports, 2003). These products are presently being successfully used and sold commercially. The product works and is EPA registered.

Flexdel’s Aquagard products are considered “Environmentally Preferable” because they release low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and heavy metals compared to other competing products.