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FLIR Thermal Imaging Night Vision

FLIR's maritime thermal imaging cameras can cost-effectively extend and expand the utility of your craft and crew alike. FLIR imaging systems have proven their worth, year after year. Day and night, in good weather and bad, maritime public safety vessels must answer the call and FLIR's advanced imaging systems provide invaluable assistance in nighttime and adverse weather navigation.

Try out the Flir Maritime Thermal Simulator Here
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Flir Maritime Thermal Simulator

FLIR Ocean Scout Thermal Night Vision

FLIR Ocean Scout
Thermal Night Vision

Ocean Scout is a rugged, compact thermal night vision camera that lets you see other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris in total darkness.

FLIR M-Series Thermal Night Vision

FLIR M-Series
Thermal Night Vision

With up to 640x480 thermal imaging, M-Series cameras provide four-times the thermal resolution and more than twice the range performance compared to other systems.

FLIR M300-Series Thermal Night Vision

FLIR M300-Series
Thermal Night Vision

The M300 Series sets a new standard for safe marine navigation and situational awareness. Applying enhanced stabilization technology to high-performance visible, thermal, or multispectral imaging, M300 Series marine cameras deliver unwavering vision in high-stakes environments.

Thermal night vision has never been easier, or more affordable! With FLIR thermal imaging night vision cameras, you can fit any FLIR camera to any vessel. Night vision is an essential tool for anyone, from first responders to the everyday boater! These cameras are rugged and feature a fully marinized construction to withstand harsh operating environments. Standard NTSC or PAL video outputs allow you to connect your thermal night vision camera to any monitor with auxilary video input.

FLIR Thermal Night Vision
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