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Lifeline Measurement Form

To take advantage of the fastest turnaround time and save 10% on your lifeline order, send your original lifelines directly to our riggers in Florida.
Please call or e-mail for your reference number, the shipping address and instructions.
We will contact you with pricing before the riggers begin fabrication.
lifeline measurement diagram
Measurement drawings courtesy of Johnson Marine Hardware

How To Measure Lifelines:

1) Use tape a measure, Do not measure with ropes.
2) Measure lengths from point-to-point (bearing surface to bearing surface), as shown on the drawing.
3) If re-using existing hardware, please note stud diameter, thread direction and stud length.
4) Please note any special instructions in the comments box.
*The hardware links below can be used as reference for common fittings.

Note: Lifelines ordered from Defender are made in the U.S. by the largest rigger in the country.
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Turnbuckles/Lifeline Adjusters

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Toggle Jaws

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Pelican Hooks

Lifelines Measurement Form
Coated Wire       Uncoated Wire
Description Wire Dia. Forward Endfitting Aft Endfitting Length
Example: Port Forward Upper 3/16" Close body turnbuckle Pelican hook 15'
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