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Zodiac is the originator and world’s largest manufacturer of inflatable boats, RIBs and life rafts. Zodiac offers more models and styles of inflatable boats and RIBs than any other manufacturer. Zodiac builds boats in Canada, France, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom and the United States, using a variety of materials and construction methods.

Zodiac offers 16 models of small fold up tenders under the “Cadet” name, including slat floor, sectional wood floor. air floor and Zodiac’s patented Acti-V air floor/keel system in sizes from 6’ 7” to 11’ 2”. Additionally, four different sizes of “Yachtline” rib tenders are offered from 7’ 3” to 11’ 2”. Many innovative features are found on these boats to make your boating easier.

Completing the recreational line up of fold up boats are six models of the “Classic” series from 11’ 6” to 13’ 9” with either aluminum sectional floor or high pressure air floor and another six models of the patented “Futura” hull design from 12’ 2” to 14’ 9” also with either aluminum sectional or high pressure air floors.

Zodiac InflatableSimilar diversity is available in recreational ribs with five models of the Yachtline Deluxe boats from 11’ 2” to 17’ 5”, five models of Pro open deck ribs from 13’ 9” to 27’ 11”, two Projet models 11’ 6” and 13’ 9”, two Pro Open models 18’ 1” and 20’ 4”, four Medline models from 15’ 9” to 24’ and one Cherokee model at 16’ 3”.

Zodiac constructs boats using the latest technology and materials including high frequency welding of thermoplastic fabrics and hand glued Hypalon fabrics. Professional and military products are sought by those putting their lives on the line all around the world.

Innovation, quality and value are the key properties of every Zodiac.

History of Zodiac:

Under an agreement between Maurice Mallet and Count Henri de la Vaulx, the Société Française des Ballons Dirigeables ("French Airship Company") was formed on March 5, 1908. Mallet's workshops were among the only ones in their day to develop into a full-fledged industrial concern.

Mallet set his sights on two previously undeveloped markets: private individuals and large commercial and industrial firms, to which he suggested using airships as a novel and conspicuous advertising medium. His craft - the first prototype of the future Zodiac sport airships - was so easy to transport and dismantle that it established the firm's reputation.

France entered the war on September 3, 1939. Just as in 1914, the event gave a sudden boost to Zodiac's business and put airships back in the picture as a defense asset. Under the Occupation, Pierre Debroutelle continued to work in secret on his inflatable boat, using scrap balloon fabric.

After the war, in an effort to recapture public attention, the company took part in spherical-balloon competitions and events. More surprising, however, was the early 1950s diversification of the Rochefort machining and joinery shops into the manufacture of manure spreaders and office furniture. Zodiac continued to build eccentrically shaped publicity balloons to order, but this business was not very profitable.

Substantial progress had been made in inflatable boats with regard to manufacturing methods and the development of higher-performance materials. Until the mid-1950s, defense contracts were the only means for the company to establish itself in the inflatable-boat market. In 1952, Dr. Alain Bombard crossed the Mediterranean from Monaco to Tangiers and the Atlantic from Las Palmas to Barbados in a Zodiac Mark III boat. This now legendary feat reassured the skeptics who doubted the seaworthiness of inflatable boats, and it popularized the Zodiac boat as a means of navigation.

Zodiac Boat History - Original Zodiac Logo from 1909The origin of its trade name, registered in 1909, and its logo - the signs of the Zodiac with an airship moving across them - remain an enigma, as does the choice of the English spelling "Zodiac."  The term "Zodiac Boat" is now a generic phrase used to describe all inflatable boats, but the real Zodiac boat is the ultimate in quality inflatables.


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