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Since 2005, Torqeedo has been engineering and introducing industry first designs to create a new way of clean boating.

Based on an uncompromising high-tech approach, Torqeedo products have continuously set record-level overall efficiencies for marine drives. As available battery capacity typically is the limiting factor for power and range of electric drives, using the limited battery supply with utmost efficiency is paramount. Superior efficiency levels have set Torqeedo products apart from the rest of the market. They simply offer more power and range.

How much they have taken the efficient use of resources to the limit becomes obvious when comparing Torqeedo outboards’ consumption of electricity with gasoline consumption levels of internal combustion outboards: Torqeedo outboards run for up to 16 nautical miles on the energy equivalent to less than an ounce of gasoline. In other words they run for 62 miles on the energy equivalent to 2.5 ounces of gasoline. With this unrivalled performance and with pioneering lithium batteries for marine propulsion applications, Torqueedo has made electric outboards an alternative where they had not been used before.

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