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Renowned for advanced impeller technology and other key innovations, Johnson Pump Marine (A division of SPX FLOW group) drives forward pump engineering for the marine application segment. Serving both leisure and commercial vessels, Johnson Pump Marine manufacture high-efficiency products for either initial OEM fitting-out or subsequent after-market installation.

Offering continued reliability in even the most difficult of conditions, Johnson Pump Marines' products deliver maximum effectiveness, while drawing minimal power and supporting low noise operation. Through them, the long-term upkeep of vessels can be maintained at the highest levels and, furthermore, SPX FLOW technology promotes the comfort and safety of owners, crew, and passengers.

Bilge Pumps
Choose from a variety of bilge pumps from one of the most reliable names in the marine industry. Johnson Pump Heavy Duty self-priming pumps with high flow rates can handle bilge debris without damaging the pumps and are built with tall stack 12 pole motors. The line of Cartridge Bilge pumps offer replaceable and interchangeable motors to adjust flow rates with Low Boy options available for tight spaces. The Ultima Bilge Automatic pumps provide an integrated switch with a removable basket.
Washdown Pumps
The quiet and pulsation free Johnson Aqua Jet five-chamber diaphragm wash down pumps provide the perfect wash down solution for cleaning recreational equipment. With a higher pressure of up to 5 bar, clean-up is faster and easier than ever before.
Pump Impellers
A worn or damaged impeller can cause system failure or engine breakdown. SPX FLOW's Johnson Pump Marine brand impellers are developed and manufactured for maximum flow and long life. With a genuine spare impeller you can also be sure that you are getting the quality required by engine manufacturers and professionals.
Marine Toilets
Johnson Marine Aqua T Manual Marine Toilets incorporate an ergonomically designed, hand-powered piston pump that can be mounted for either left-hand or right-hand use. Aqua T Silent Electric Marine Toilets are designed for silent flush and built-in pump for disposal. They include a centrifugal pump with macerator function and a well-proven Aqua Jet diaphragm pump and are controlled with a 3-way control panel. All Johnson toilets can be installed in both power and sailing vessels, either above or below the waterline.
Johnson offers heavy duty magnetically driven, seal-less circulation pumps with brushed motors for continuous use. Compact and powerful, ideal for circulation duties such as: circulation of water/antifreeze in heating systems for cars, boats, recreation vehicles, etc. These pumps provide circulation for cooling fresh water and are great all-round pumps wherever self-priming is not essential.
Engine Oil Changers, Water Pump Repair Kits
Johnson Pump Impeller Pump Oil Change System offers advanced motor technology to help make your liquid transfers simple and convenient. With reliable gear pump technology and an easy to pour water spout, the Johnson Pump Oil Change System makes the oil changing process hassle-free.
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