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Coastal, Inshore and Offshore Clothing, Life Jackets & Gear

For over 50 years Mustang Survival has been delivering confidence to those who work, play or protect on or in the water.
Life Jackets & PFDs

When lives are stake, challenging the status quo means designs must be tested, re-tested, and tested again to make sure lives will be saved. Mustang Survival flotation products are legendary in professional and recreational marine communities, and they continually challenge and innovate to make sure their flotation products stay world-class for safety and performance.


Survival Stories
Ejected from the Boat

Dry. Durable. Comfortable.

Mustang Survival's Marine Spec™ family of fabrics was designed with extreme marine environments in mind. Tested for Maximum Breathability, Waterproofness, and Durability. When it comes to being dry, protected, and comfortable on the water the sum of material, selection, design, and construction is truly greater than each individual part. Mustang has 30+ years of experience building dry suits and outerwear for demanding elite users. Mustang Survival's philosophy is to maximize product performance to optimize human performance.


Live Beyond Land

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