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New England Ropes

New England Ropes

New England Ropes products are uncompromising. That is the reputation you get when you develop products for the toughest customers in the cruising, performance racing, dinghy sailing and powerboat markets. In fact, the product range of New England ropes in broader than of any other brand in the global market.

Regardless of your sailing or boating style, products by New England Ropes are engineered to offer superior feel, handling and performance. They enable cruisers to feel safe and comfortable in any waters. They allow racing sailors to push their limits and of their sport, and almost fly across the water! They reassure competitive dinghy and aspiring Olympic athletes that they will take to the water with the lightest and best performing to maximize their result. For products that work harder, smarter, and better, count on New England Ropes.

Running Rigging

Running Rigging



The #1 Double Braid in America

STA-Set is the quintessential proven performance double braid with superior durability and dependability. Sta-Set is a strong, flexible and long wearing line.

Cover: Braid polyester

Core: Braided polyester


Regatta Braid

This soft and supple line runs freely and does not kink

The Regatta Braid is 12-strand single braid made from spun and filament polyester that is flexible and easy to handle.

Material: Spun and filament polyester

Applications: Mainsheets and furling lines



Designed with the casual racer and offshore cruiser in mind.

VPC fills the gap between performance polyester lines and ultra-high performance racing lines.

Cover: Polyester

Core: Vectran® and polyolefin

Diameters: 6-12mm

Viper Performance Cruising Lines


The next generation of performance cruising lines

Viper is super strong and is ideally suited for sailors looking for better performance than polyester, without the premium price of hi-tech lines! The product is easily spliced, the cover can be stripped, and it performs beyond expectations for the discriminating boater.

Cover: Polyester



Endura Braid Euro style

Double braid, low stretch lines for the performance sailor

Endura Braid Euro Style was developed in conjunction with leading riggers worldwide and tested in the harshest of conditions. It has surpassed the standards of performance time and again.

Cover: Polyester

Core: Dyneema® SK78

Applications: Halyards, sheets, guys, topping lifts, reef lines and low-stretch control lines.



STS - Stronger Than Steel®

Comprised of Dyneema® fiber, Stronger Than Steel HSR is heat-set which at a microscopic level reorients the molecular chains in a linear fashion, thus ensuring greater load bearing capacity throughout the rope. This process increases the rope's breaking strength through the use of increased temperature and tension and achieves a uniform fiber distribution.

Material: Single braid Heat-set Dyneema SK75

12 Strand Single Braid

UV Resistant

Specific Gravity - 0.97



Wire rope replacement, synthetic rope

Extremely lightweight and very high strength. New England Ropes WR2 (Wire Rope Replacement) is perfect for replacing lifelines or standing rigging on many types of boats. WR2 is lighter, more flexible and has a much longer service life than wire. It is 100% Dyneema double braid featuring SK-78 fiber. Coated with our proprietary urethane coating, it holds up very well in the marine environment. Comes in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 7mm, and is available in gray finish.



Dinghy Rope

Dinghy and small boat mainsheet trimmers and helmsmen all choose New England Ropes Bzzz Line.

Material: Spun polyester and multi-filament polypropylene

12-Strand Braid

Anchoring and Docking

Anchoring & Docking


Vintage 3-Strand

3-Strand soft polyester 3 strand rope

A classic rope that complements the traditional vessel. An excellent replacement for natural fiber ropes.

Material: 3-Strand spun and filament polyester

Applications: On dinghies and traditional boats, and it is used for halyards and control lines


Premium 3-Strand Nylon

Outstanding strength and high abrasion resistance

A long-wearing, flexible and easy-to-handle rope that has greater strength and better abrasion resistance than all other 3-strand nylon lines. The highest tenacity nylon treated with our proprietary Marine Tech coating increases its wet strength and improves its fiber-to-fiber abrasion.

Material: 3-Strand high grade marine nylon

Applications: dock lines, anchor lines, and mooring lines.


Premium 8 Plait Nylon

Ideal for windlasses

The anchor line Premium 8 Plait is a tandem braid high grade marine nylon.

Material: Tandem braid high grade marine nylon

Applications: anchor lines (particularly for motorized windlasses)


Mooring Pendants

Our Poly-Nylon, Premium 3 Strand and Cyclone Mooring Pennants are designed to outlast the competition. All made and manufactured in USA are of the highest quality and performance specifications for all your mooring needs.

Specialty Products

Specialty Products


Splicing kits & FIDS

New England Ropes in a collaboration with riggers and a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts designed a unique, patented, fid kit for use on all types of ropes. Our splicing tools, Tow Fid and Unifid are designed for "do it yourself" and professional riggers. Can be used on ropes from 316" - 12".


Polyester Cord

Ideal general purpose use, good abrasion and UV resistance. New England Ropes Braided Polyester Cord (Dac Cord). This rope has many uses, low stretch for flag halyards, messenger lines, foredeck netting, bimini, T-tops and foredeck netting. Also available in 50ft hanks for more convenient use.


Dinghy Tow Rope

The bright yellow highly visible cover from our Dinghy Tow Rope floats to reduce chance of prop entanglement.



Spider web strength in a dinghy

Spyder Line is just the right small diameter line needed for higher load applications.

Cover: Polyester Twill

Core: Dyneema®

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