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B&G Zeus<sup>2</sup> 9 Multifunction Display - Remanufactured
Buy Now While this Item is Still Available!

B&G Zeus2 9 Multifunction Display - Remanufactured

  • REMANUFACTURED 9" WVGA Color TFT LCD Monitor, Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Includes WiFi-1 Module, SonarHub Sounder Module and Fixed Mount VHF Radio
  • Includes Internal GPS Antenna, C-MAP MAX-N+ CONTINENTAL USA
  • Item #: 
    Model #: 

    000-11109-001 / 000-0132-05

    Shipping Weight: 
    13.60 Lbs.
    List Price: 
    Our Price:
    Status:  null In Stock


    Defender Exclusive Electronics Package Includes a Powerful B&G 9" touchscreen display with SonarHub, which adds 1000 watt CHIRP sonar and StructureScan sonar capability. C-MAP MAX-N+ Charts provides detailed navigation charts and high-res bathymetric fishing charts for coastal U.S. waters. This package also includes a Cosmetically matched V20 VHF radio for a professional, integrated helm aesthetic and a WiFI-1 module that enables wireless updates and remote viewing from tablets and smartphones.

    Package Includes:

    • B&G Zeus² 12 Multifunction Display — Remanufactured
      • C-MAP MAX-N Continental USA Charts
      • Power Cable: (4 Pin conn. to 4 bare wires for Power in, Power control bus and external alarm) 2 m (6.5 ft)
      • Insight Charts
      • Sun cover
      • Mounting bracket & knobs
      • Flush-mount kit
      • Literature pack
    • Simrad GoFree WiFi-1 Module
    • Lowrance SonarHub Sounder Module
      • Module Only (transducers sold separately)
    • B&G V20 Fixed Mount Class D DSC Marine VHF Radio
      • Yoke mount with knobs
      • Sun cover
      • Hardware
      • Flush mount kit
      • Power/Data cable
      • Owners handbook

    B&G Zeus² Features: This Remanufactured Product is covered with a one (1)-year warranty.

    • The B&G Zeus² is an easy-to-use, ultra-responsive, "pinch-to-zoom" chartplotter packed with essential navigation features for all boaters and, as an added bonus for sailors, special software features for sailing.
    • SailSteer:
      • Composite sailing screen combining key sailing data into one clear display
      • All data is shown relative to the boat
      • Configurable as a panel: Display alongside Chart, Radar or any of your favorite Zeus data
      • Full integration with onboard systems
      • Functions: (when using ZG100 GPS Sensor)
        • Heading and COG: Current heading shown, COG is shown by red indicator
        • Current Layline: Shaded sector shows max / min over recent history
        • Calculated Tide: Arrow indicates direction of tide / current relative to boat and compass scale. Tide rate value shown in center
        • Compass Scale: All data can be read off compass scale: true wind, tide, opposite tack heading, bearing to waypoint
        • TWA Indicator: Green = on target. Arrow fades to blue if off wind angle target (or reaching)
        • Opposite Tack Layline: Red indicates port tack. Dotted line is current value. Shaded segment is max / min over recent history
        • Rudder angle indicator
        • Navigation Data: Name of active waypoint, mag / true heading reference and magnetic variation
      • Benefits:
        • Visualize key data on one clear screen
        • Make more informed decisions
        • Increase confidence in your actions
        • Lets you enjoy your sail while it does the work
    • Ultra-low profile design
    • Built to weather the elements, blending style with performance in the toughest environments
    • Integrates seamlessly with existing network, communicating with performance modules including Broadband Radar, Pilot, AIS, Digital Switching and more
    • Contains a high-performance GPS antenna
      • Also interfaces with the optional B&G ZG100 - 10Hz external GPS (sold separately)
    • Intuitive menu system and features B&G’s fastest processor for seamless chart redraw and the sharpest graphic display
    • Internal high-sensitivity GPS antenna
    • Broadband Radar™ compatible
    • Low power consumption
    • Video input/output
    • Integrated Pilot control
    • NMEA 2000, 0183 and Ethernet compatibility
    • Comes with C-MAP MAX-N Continental USA
      • C-Map by Jeppesen’s high quality data, from official and up-to-date sources
      • Pre-programmed coastal coverage for: North, Central and South America, including the Great Lakes, Bahamas and Caribbean

    Click Here for a Dimensional Drawing of this Product

    Click Here for an Installation Guide for this Product

    Click Here for an Owner's Manual for this Product


    Simrad GoFree WiFi-1 Module Features:

    • WIFI-1 is a marine-grade wireless gateway allowing owners of compatible Simrad Multifunction Display units to view data when utilized in conjunction with wireless device*
    • Allows multiple tablets or smartphones to be used to view Simrad network data
    • Connects to Simrad Multifunction Displays via ethernet and supports wireless connectivity using 802.11 b+g wireless protocols
    • Several Simrad Multifunction Display units can be used with just one WIFI-1 module, meaning that an entire system can be online with just the addition of one wireless gateway
    • Rugged, waterproof device
    • Noise filters counter disruption from VHF, ensuring a clear signal
    • Low power consumption — just 200mA

    *In order to work in conjunction with the WIFI-1 module, your Simrad NSS Multifunction Display must be upgraded to software version RTM 2.5, which is available for download from the Simrad Yachting web site.

    Lowrance SonarHub Sounder Module Features:

    • Provides all-in-one solution for adding best-in-class StructureScan® HD and CHIRP sonar capabilities to compatible Lowrance fishfinder/chartplotter displays
    • Plug-and-play network solution makes it easy to identify productive fishing areas with connectivity to the latest Lowrance sonar technologies, including StructureScan® HD, CHIRP and SpotlightScan™ (transducers sold separately)
      • Optional transducers include AIRMAR® TM150M, single-channel CHIRP transducer and existing StructureScan HD transducers
      • CHIRP sonar with AIRMAR® TM150M transducer delivers extremely efficient pulse generation that provides improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets
    • StructureScan® HD offers best-in-class, side-scanning range and resolution, plus DownScan Imaging™ to provide crystal-clear, picture-like views of what’s below
    • Compatible with ALL-NEW SpotlightScan™ forward- and surround-scanning sonar transducers
      • SonarHub not required for SpotlightScan™ functionality with HDS Gen2 Touch displays
    • Plug-and-play compatibility with Lowrance HDS Gen1 (not including SpotlightScan™ and CHIRP sonar), HDS Gen2 and Gen2 Touch fishfinder/chartplotter models
    • Three built-in ethernet ports allow for quick, convenient networking without the need for an extra ethernet networking module

    Click Here for More Information


    B&G V20 Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radio Features:

    • The B&G V20 Fixed Mount Class D DSC Marine VHF Radio is an entry level VHF radio with NMEA 2000 connectivity that will enable it to display vessel position coordinates on the VHF when connected to an external position source of GPS data (sold separately)
      • Compatible with remote GPS antennas that contain their own processing module
      • Compatible with B&G multifunction displays
    • Bright display & sleek design
    • High visibility LCD with inverted night mode
    • Easy bracket or flush-mount installation
      • An included gimbal bracket enables table-top, overhead, or bulkhead installation. Flush-mount installation also supported, with easy mount-from-front solution, to match low-profile style of B&G Glass Helm displays and accessories
    • Easy-to use
      • Intuitive rotary and keypad controls
      • Four-button fist microphone
      • Tri-channel watch function
      • Multiple scan modes
      • Dedicated Channel 16 keys
    • Technical Compatibility
      • Class D DSC Approved
        • An integrated Distress button allows automated DSC distress calling
        • DSC capabilities also enable direct calling to other DSC-equipped vessels from a Simrad multifunction display, including direct calls to AIS targets (a compatible display and AIS receiver are required) (Sold Separately)
      • NMEA 2000® compatible
        • NMEA 2000® allows interfacing with integrated on board systems
      • All international channels

    Remanufactured B&G Zeus² Specifications:

    • Display Size: 12.1" / 307 mm Widescreen
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800
    • Backlighting: LED / 1200 nits
    • Operating Voltage: 9-32 Volts DC
    • Media Ports: 2 microSD
    • Warranty: 1 year)
    • Display Type: WVGA Color TFT LCD
    • Display Backlighting: Enhanced LED
    • Backlighting Levels: 1200 nits
    • Waterproof Standard/Rating: IPx7
    • Width: 13.58" / 345 mm
    • Depth: 4.13” / 105 mm
    • Height: 8.46" / 215 mm
    • Power Supply (Supply Voltage): 9-32V DC
    • GPS Navigation Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points
    • GPS Antenna Type: 10Hz High Gain built-in GPS
    • Background Mapping:
      • Embedded World Background map
    • Mapping:
      • Includes C-MAP MAX-N+ Continental USA
      • Compatible with Navionics®, Insight, Insight Genesis, NV Digital and charts produced with Navico Mapcreator
    • NMEA 2000 connection: Yes
    • Ethernet Connection: Yes

    Lowrance SonarHub Sounder Module Specifications:

    • Transmit Power: Max 500W RMS (StructureScan® HD), 250W RMS (CHIRP)
    • Transducer Frequencies: 455/800 kHz (StructureScan® HD), 40-60 kHz, 85-145 kHz, 130-210 kHz (CHIRP), 50 kHz/83kHz/200kHz (Narrow Band)
    • Operating Temperature: -20° to 167° F (-28° to 75° C)
    • Waterproof Standard/rating: IPx7
    • Width: 7.1 in \ 180 mm
    • Height: 2.2 in \ 57 mm
    • Power Supply (Supply Voltage): 12 or 24 Volts DC (9-32 Volts DC min-max)
    • Networking Connectors Ethernet:
      • 3 ports
      • Power: 4-pin power connector
      • Transducer Port 1: Blue 7-pin connector for CHIRP and narrow-band transducers
      • Transducer Port 2: Black 9-pin connector for use with StructureScan® HD and SpotlightScan™ transducers
    • Max Depth: Per Optional Transducer Type
    • StructureScan: Max 300 ft / 91 m @ 455/800 kHz
    • CHIRP: 3,500 ft / 1067 m (Transducer Dependent)
    • Transducer Type:
      • Multiple selections Lowrance and AIRMAR®
      • Sonar 300 feet per side
    • Warranty: Limited two-year warranty

    B&G V20 Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radio Specifications:

    • Frequency Range: Transmit 156.025~157.425 MHz
    • Frequency Range: Receive 156.050~163.275 MHz
    • Number Of Channels US / INT
    • Oscillate Mode PLL
    • Modulation FM(16KOG3E) DSC(16K0G2B)
    • Channel Spacing 25KHz
    • Frequency Stability ±5 PPM
    • Temperature range: -15° C to +55° C (5° F to 131° F)
    • Power:
      • Normal Working Voltage +13.6 Volts DC
      • Minimum operating Voltage =10 Volts DC
      • Low battery detect Voltage 10.5 ± 0.5 Volts DC
      • Digital Selectivity Calling (DSC) Class D
      • Receiver
        • Audio Output Power At THD 10% =2.5 W
        • Audio Distortion =10 %
        • Audio Response +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3kHz dB
        • Current Drain : Max Audio Power =1.5 A
        • Current Drain : Stand-By =0.5 A
      • Transmitter:
        • Current Drain At 12Volts DC
          • Hi Power = 6A
          • Lo Power =1.5A
    • Receiver:
      • Intermediate Frequency : 1st 38.85/21.7 MHz
      • Intermediate Frequency : 2nd 450 KHz
      • Sensitivity : 12dB SINAD =-6 dBuV(EMF)
      • Squelch Sensitivity: at tight = 6 dBuV(EMF)
    • Spurious Response Rejection Ratio =70 dB
    • Adjacent Channel Selectivity =70 dB
    • Inter-modulation Response =68 dB
    • S/N at 3KHz Dev. =40 dB
    • 2ND RX Sensitivity For 12dB SINAD = 0 dBuV(EMF)
    • 2ND RX bit error ratio@-107dBm = 10-2
    • Transmitter
      • Frequency error =±1.5KHz
      • RF Power Hi23W ± 2W :Lo 0.8W ± 0.2W
      • Maximum Deviation =± 5 KHz S/N at 3KHz Dev. =40 dB
      • Modulation Distortion ±3KHz =10 %
      • Audio Response at 1KHz Dev. +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3KHz
      • Spurious/Harmonic Emissions: Hi/LO =0.25uW
      • Modulation Sensitivity =15 mV
      • DSC TX deviation at 1.3K 2.6±0.26 KHz
      • DSC TX deviation at 2.1K 4.2±0.42KHz
      • ATIS TX deviation at 1.3 KHz 1.3±0.13 KHz
      • ATIS TX deviation at 2.1 KHz 2.1±0.21 KHz


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