Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit
Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit
Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit

Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit

  • Eliminates Odors In the Toilet Bowl
  • Dispenser Adds a Preset Amount of Diluted C.P. with Every Flush
  • Includes 22 Ounce Bottle of C.P. and 22 Ounce Bottle of K.O.
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    Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit KO2 iv name="getPdf" p a href="pdf/KOCPCH. Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit
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    The Raritan K.O.2 Knock Out Odors Kit dispenser (Tank) adds a preset amount of diluted C.P. (Clean Potties) with every flush. The Bacteria introduced by C.P. breaks down organic matters in the inlet hose and bowl rim which in turn prevents sulfide (rotten egg smell) generating bacteria from growing.

    Note: K.O. 2 is NOT for Use with pressurized freshwater toilets.


    • Dispenser (Tank) adds a preset amount of diluted C.P. (Clean Potties) with every flush
    • The Bacteria introduced by C.P. breaks down organic matters in the inlet hose and bowl rim
      • This prevents sulfide (rotten egg smell) generating bacteria from growing
    • C.P. bioactive formula stops the generation of odor without the use of chemicals such as chlorine or formaldehydes
    • Adding K.O. through the toilet at regular intervals eliminates odors from holding tank and discharge hose
    • Refill:
      • Add 6 oz of C.P. per 1 gallon in the dispenser bottle
      • After every pump out add 4 ounces of K.O. per 25 gallons of holding
        • Flush K.O. in the bowl of toilet (See Bottle Label for Complete Instructions)
        • Note: K.O. works best when holding tank had adequate ventilation

    * Raritan K.O. (Kills Odors) Bioactive Treatment Features:

    • K.O. is a holding tank treatment specially formulated for today's marine market
    • K.O. Kills Odors and is a Bioactive treatment.
      • A safe, non-chemical and non-polluting product
    • Eliminates holding tank odors at their source
    • K.O. works when nothing else will
    • K.O. is Not a Chemical Product
      • K.O. is More Effective than Any Chemical or Enzyme Product
      • K.O. utilizes live, odor-killing bacteria which digest liquids, solid waste and paper, totally emulsifying them so there's no need to add "tissue digesters" or other "boosters" to your system
      • Chemicals only mask odor temporarily
        • Unlike chemical products, K.O.'s bioactive formula breaks down and neutralizes odor-causing waste materials instantly
      • The bacteria in K.O. actually neutralize the odor-causing elements in waste, effectively converting the contents of your holding tank to an odor-free product
      • Although they kill odor causing bacteria, chemicals also kill other bacteria that suppress odor
      • Chemicals can actually cause the odor problems you're trying to solve
      • Enzymes stimulate the breakdown of waste already in the tank, but are not effective against odor, and are diluted by new waste as it's added
      • Unlike chemicals, the discharge from tanks treated with K.O. is welcome in on-shore sewer and septic tank systems
    • A small amount of K.O. can easily keep a boat odor-free between pump outs
      • You need only (4) ounces of K.O. per 25 gallon tank capacity
      • There is seldom any need to add K.O. between pump outs, nor do you need to pump out until the tank is full, making K.O. less expensive to use than lower-priced product

    ** Raritan C.P. (Clean Potties) Bowl Cleaner Features:

    • C.P. is Like No Other Toilet Bowl Cleaner and the only toilet bowl cleaner Raritan recommends for Raritan toilets
    • Clean Potty is Bio-enzymatic
    • C.P. is a safe, non-chemical and nonpolluting product that Destroys odors on contact
      • It's the first bowl cleaner to combine a specialized strain of bacteria with 100% biodegradable cleaning agents specifically designed to make the bowl shine like never before and keep the entire system odor-free, while maintaining the bioactive environment essential to odor control in your holding tank
    • C.P. Destroys Odors On Contact As It Cleans
      • Just squirt a little C.P. under the rim of the toilet bowl
      • Stains, soil, odor and even the worst raw water odors from the intake line just disappear, usually without brushing
      • C.P. eliminates the need to use bleach and other toxic chemicals to sanitize your toilet bowl
      • Use C.P. to clean sinks, showers and basins too
      • It leaves them sparkling clean and fresh-smelling.
    • C.P. is the Only Bowl Cleaner that can be combined with Raritan K.O. (Kills Odors)
      • Other toilet bowl cleaners use chemicals
      • Because C.P is a bioactive cleaner that uses no chemicals, it won't kill the good bacteria in K.O.

    Raritan KO2 ( Knock Out Odors) Kit Includes:

    • 39002W Tank (1 Gallon)
    • PLVF0-25 Metering Valve
    • 39006 Check Valve (1/4")
    • 39007 T-Check Valve (3/4")
    • 1/4" Hose
    • Fittings
    • 22 Ounce Bottle of C.P.**
    • 22 Ounce Bottle of K.O.*

    Note: Sani/Flex® Odor Shield Sanitation Hose (Sold Separately) is recommended for preventing any odors permeating through hose

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