B&G Zeus3S 9" Multifunction Display w/ C-MAP and Radar

  • Display Size: 9", Insight and C-MAP Charts Included
  • Built-in Echosounder with ForwardScan and SideScan Capability
  • Includes Preloaded US C-MAP and Halo20+ Radar
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    B&G Zeus3S 9" Multifunction Display w/ C-MAP and Radar 000-15561-001 Zeussup3/supS is a mid-life update to the Zeussup3/sup. B&G Zeus3S 9" Multifunction Display w/ C-MAP and Radar
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    Zeus3S is a mid-life update to the Zeus3. The key difference is a next generation processor. This greatly improves the speed and smoothness of the display. The Zeus3 is already a feature packed product and the new processor in the Zeus3S means that each one of those features is now improved


    • Includes C-MAP US Enhanced Preloaded Maps with Coastal and Inland Coverage and Halo20+ Radar
    • Easy to use software and full keypad for simple and precise control in any sea conditions
    • Connects to B&G's premium network modules for the ultimate offshore performance
    • Integrates with B&G premium Instrument systems
    • Direct Audio and B&G Pilot control
    • Low Profile Glass dash styling
    • Built in Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Software update notifications and downloads when connected to the internet
    • Screen mirroring when connected to a mobile device
    • Built in high sensitivity 10 Hz GPS antenna
    • Dual Micro SD card slots
    • The Zeus3S features the brand new iMX8 processor that allows for twice the performance of the previous generation processor. The key benefits a user will see from the new processor are:
      • Faster page changes: Page loading times have been halved
      • Smoother transitions: Movements on the screen like chart rotation and panning is much smoother, really capturing the premium experience of the B&G brand.
      • Multi-tasking: With such an increase in power Zeus3S can multi-task like no product before it.
    • SolarMAX HD® IPS Display Technology
      • Ultra-wide viewing angles for excellent viewability from any angle on the boat (>80 degrees up/down/left/right)
      • High resolutions for best on-screen detail
      • High brightness LED backlight and antireflective coating for ultimate bright sunlight viewing
      • Very high display operating temperatures for reliable operation in the most harsh boating locations
      • Multi-touch screen for simple, intuitive software control
      • Optical bonding for zero chance of display fogging
      • Oleophobic coating for easy removal of fingerprints
    • Built-in Advanced Echosounder
      • Zeus3S includes built-in advanced echo-sounder functions including collision avoidance
      • ForwardScan™ and side scan imaging when connected with compatible transducers
    • Zeus3 to Zeus3S upgrade has never been simpler
      • All product dimensions are identical
      • Connectors are all identical
      • Screw holes are identical for dash mounting
      • Bracket is identical for bracket mounting



    • Dimensions: 287 x 166 x 90 mm (11.30 x 6.55 x 3.50")with bracket 311 x 180 x 95 (11.30 x 7.07 x 3.72)
    • Weight: 1.41kg/3.11lb


    • Operating temperature range -15°C to +55°C (5° F to 131° F)
    • Environment Shock Vibration 100,000 cycles of 20G
    • Storage temperature range: -20°C to +60°C (4°F to 140°F)
    • Water resistance: IPX6 and 7


    • Supply voltage: 10 - 31.2 V DC
    • Fuse rating: 5A
    • Power consumption (Max): 21W


    • Display backlight color: White
    • Display screen brightness: 1200 nits
    • Display size and type: High Visibility SolarMax HD® 9" IPS optically bonded TFT
    • Display viewing angles: 80° top/bottom, 80° left/right
    • Interface: Full touch screen (multi-touch ) and full keypad control, OP50 remote controllers
    • External storage: (2) MicroSD slots, max. 32GB each. Larger if formatted to NTFS
    • Internal storage: 16 GB
    • Charts Included: Insight
    • Supported Charts: Insight, Navionics (Gold, NAV+ Platinum+) , C-MAP (MAX N, MAX N+) NV Digital (Raster US Charts)


    • Ethernet: (1) 5 pin yellow connector x 1 Mbit
    • Bluetooth: Internal
    • NMEA 2000 connectivity: (1) NMEA 2000 Micro-C port, 1 LEN
    • NMEA 0183 connectivity: (1) Transmit, (1) Receive NMEA 0183, Baud Rates 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400. TX and RX use the same baud rate. Optional data cable required (P/N 000-00129-001)
    • NMEA 0183: sentences Input: GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, VTG, ZDA, RMC, DBT, DPT, MTW, VLW, VHW, HDG, HDT, HDM, MWV, MWD, DSC, DSE, VDM. (Note AIS sentences are not bridged to or from NMEA 2000) Output GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, VTG, ZDA, RMC, DBT, DPT, MTW, VLW, VHW, HDG, MWV, MWD, TLL, TTM"
    • Video connectivity: (2) composite (RCA connectors)video inputs. Optional video/ data cable required (P/N 000-00129-001)
    • WiFi connectivity Internal


    • Sonar frequencies: 40-250kHz 455-800kHz
    • Two 9 pin Xsonic Sonar ports
      • Sonar port 1: Single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, HDI
      • Sonar port 2: Single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, TotalScan, LSS HD, ForwardScan.Compatible with: SonarHub, BSM-3, BSM-2, network echo sounders"
    • Sonar max depth: 3000'+ (tested with B175L)
    • Sonar output power: 1kW RMS
    • Compliance: CE, C-Tick, EN 60950-1:2006, EN 60945:2002EN 300 440-2, V1.4.2


    • GPS: Internal
    • GPS update rate: 10 Hz
    • GPS channels: 34 Channels
    • Waypoints, routes & tracks:
      • 6000 waypoints
      • 500 Routes with 100 max route points
      • 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points.
    • GPS correction: WASS, EGNOS, MSAS, GLONASS
    • GPS position accuracy: Horizontal Accuracy 3 m (9.8 ft)
    • GPS time to first fix: Cold start 50 sec
      • Satellite Reacquisition 5 sec


    • Radar: Supports Broadband Radar, Halo Pulse Compression Radar, HD Pulse Radar
    • Weather: SiriusXM via WM-3 (USA only), GRIB
    • AIS: Receive AIS data over NMEA 2000 or *NMEA 0183 (has to be wired to all NSS processors)
    • Autopilot integration: Full autopilot control and commissioning
    • Autopilot steering modes: Auto, Nav., No Drift, Follow up, Non-follow up, Turn patterns, Standby, *Wind, *Wind NAV. (*Boat type set to Sail)
    • Autopilot maneuvers turn patterns: U-turn, Spiral-turn, C-turn, Zig-zag, Square-turn, Lazy S-turn, Depth contour tracking
    • Digital switching: BEP C-Zone, Naviop
    • Multi-media: via SonicHub2, FusionLink, *Sirius, **JL Audio. *USA only, **AUST. & NZ only)
    • Langauge Support Standard Langauge Pack: English(US), English(UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish.Other langauges supported by Unlock: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic,Farsi

    In the Box:

    • Zeus3S 9" Display with Preloaded US C-MAP
    • Halo20+ Radar
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