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Occasionally, a manufacturer may have a product recall to notify the public of and/or address an issue with the product via a service announcement.

You will find the latest recalls and service announcements listed here for any of the products we carry, including contact information.

Posted 6/18/19

Safety Warning - Torqeedo Travel and Ultralight Motor Batteries

Summary: This product safety warning involves Torqeedo batteries for "Travel" outboard motor batteries with serial numbers from 1001... to 1752... and "Ultralight" batteries with serial numbers from 1117... to 1826...

What is the cause?

Torqeedo has found some examples in which the battery housings for those motors were not water tight. In such a case, water may penetrate the battery housing. This is a particular if a battery with a water permeable housing becomes completely or partially submerged under water. If water reaches the internal part of the battery it could cause a chemical reaction resulting in fire and/or bursting of the battery housing. Such a circumstance presents a risk of serious injury!

If my battery is on the list, What do I do?

At no cost to you, Torqeedo will perform an inspection for the models and serial numbers listed below. If the inspection shows that the battery housing is not water tight, Torqeedo will repair the battery free of charge.

If your model is not listed above, it is not affected by the safety advisory. All other Torqeedo outboard motors are not affected.

Torqeedo is asking owners of models with these serial numbers to register them at this link. After registration, Torqeedo will inform you which service center is available to check your battery and, if necessary, repair it.

Please see the Torqeedo Service Announcement for more details.


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