Defender Rigging Services

Thank you for considering Defender for your standing rigging.

Please allow 72 hours for a response while we process your request.

Three ways to replace your rigging:

  1. Use our handy measurement form below
  2. Like to DIY? Visit our Sailboat Hardware category to shop our complete line of machine swage & compression fittings, tools and wire
  3. Remove the rigging and ship it to our off site rigger. Please contact us at (888) 490-6844 or [email protected] to arrange and document your desired rigging services. We will duplicate it and ship the new rigging to you.

Defender does not offer a rod rigging service at this time.

How do I measure rigging? When measuring rigging, the convention is to measure from pin-center to pin-center or from bearing point to bearing point. See other options below. When measuring rigging with turnbuckles, be sure they are adjusted to their previous 'set' position.

Upper Terminal Examples

Aircraft Fork Terminal

Fork Terminal

Aircraft Eye Terminal

Stemball Terminal

(Available by Special Order)

Stem Balls, T-Terminals and Shroud Terminals are also available by Special order

Lower Terminal Examples

Custom Standing Rigging Form

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