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Samson Rope

When you demand the ultimate in high-performance sailing lines, Samson delivers unsurpassed quality. Lightweight, low stretch, and made to last. These lines are the choice of champions.

Chances are you have seen Samson synthetic lines at work all around you. For more than 130 years, Samson has led the way in developing high-performance cordage products to meet the most demanding applications in the world.

The running rigging you select for your boat carries the legacy of our experience in industries as diverse as commercial marine, safety and rescue, arborist, utilities, even the space program. When you buy Samson, you are getting a lot more than a rope. We call our all-inclusive package of technology, products, manufacturing excellence, service, and experience The Samson Advantage. Our customers call it peace of mind. So whether you're looking for new sheets to trim your composite genoa or replacing the halyards on a traditional schooner, look for The Samson Advantage. It assures you of performance you can depend on, anytime, anyplace.

Running Rigging



  • Construction: Double braid
  • Splice/Class: Double braid Class I
  • Material: Polyester core / polyester cover
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Smooth rendering, low stretch
  • Easy to splice


  • Core-dependent Double Braid
  • HMPE-blended Core / Polyester Cover
  • Can be tapered
  • High strength
  • Moderate stretch
  • Lightweight
Trophy Braid

Trophy Braid

  • Double Braid
  • Polyester Core/Spun Polyester Cover
  • Easy to hold, wet or dry
  • Holds well in all types of cleats
  • Solid grip on winch drums
  • Has a particularly soft hand
Amsteel Blue

AmSteel Blue

  • 12-Strand Dyeema® Single Braid
  • High strength / low stretch
  • Floats, UV Stabilized
  • Easily spliced
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Wire rope replacement

Anchoring / Docking


Pro Set 3-Strand Nylon

  • Superior abrasion resistance, strength and flexibility
  • Manufactured to minimize snagging and hockling
  • Long, dependable service life
Nylon Double Braid

Nylon Double Braid

  • Excellent shock mitigation
  • High-tenacity double braid nylon fiber
  • Excellent flexibility and wet abrasion resistance
  • Resists rot and mildew
Harbormaster Dockline

Harbormaster Dockline

  • Material: Double braid nylon core and cover
  • Easy to handle, long-lasting lines
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance
  • Stays flexible for long life
Nylon Double Braid

Harbormaster Anchorline

  • Material: Double braid nylon core and cover
  • Easy to handle, long-lasting lines
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance
  • Includes spliced plastic thimble

Dock & Anchor Line Selection

Special Use / General Purpose

Floating Polypropylene Rope

Floating Polypropylene Rope

  • Soft hand
  • Highly visible
  • Easily accepts knots
  • Ideal for floating mooring line or dinghy painter
Utility Rope

Utility Rope

  • General Purpose
  • Characteristics By Line


Splicing Books and Videos

Splicing Books and Videos

  • Learn how to splice!
  • Splice Class 1 & Class 2 Ropes
Rope Splicing Accessories

Rope Splicing Accessories

  • Splicing Kits
  • Fids, Twine, End Dip
  • Hot Knifes
  • Etc...
Rope Splicing Services

Rope Splicing Services

  • Defender Custom Splicing Services
  • Custom Running Rigging, etc...
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