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Shakespeare Marine Antenna

Shakespeare Marine Antennas

Shakespeare is a global antenna brand with a reputation for superior quality, performance, and durability. With manufacturing and distribution centers in Asia, North America, and Europe, Shakespeare is positioned to deliver excellent service to customers worldwide.

Shakespeare has a rich tradition serving both military and civilian customer globally, and offer their customers high quality products that have been perfected through a strong collaboration with professionals, navies, and coast guards since 1952.

High end Deck hardware meets performance

High end Deck hardware meets performance

  • Silver plated brass elements
  • Thick radome & ethafoam spacers
  • High-gloss, non-yellowing protective finish
  • Stylish stainless steel fittings
  • Easily remove an antenna without the hassle of re-installing cables. Compatible with a variety of cables including low loss RG-8/X, RG-213 or LMR 400
  • NEW! Compatible with Easy Route accessories
  • 8 year warranty
    The industry standard for beauty & performance

    The industry standard for beauty & performance

  • Brass elements
  • Thick radome & ethafoam spacers
  • High-gloss, non-yellowing protective finish
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • With RG-8/X premium high efficiency, low-loss cable
  • NEW! Easy Route mini-end and screw-on connector included
  • warranty
    Basic communication, navigation & entertainment

    Basic communication, navigation & entertainment

  • Coaxial cable elements
  • Chrome plated brass fittings
  • With RG-58 basic coax cable
  • What dB Does Your Boat Need?

    Just selecting an antenna with the most dB (also known as gain) doesn't mean you get the best signal. As dB increases, the signal is more compressed like a focused flashlight. A compressed beam can cause the signal to fade in rough seas especially for smaller boats that tend to rock more.

    Below demonstrates that while a smaller dB isn't as concentrated, it offers the most consistency in the area covered when a boat is rocking. A larger dB sends a further signal but is not efficient with high levels of boat movement.

    Keep the maximum dB that your boat can use in mind as you walk through the steps of picking an antenna.

    Usually a 4 foot antenna

    Usually a 4 foot antenna.

    Best suited for powerboats under 24 feet or sailboats.

    Usually an 8 foot antenna

    Usually an 8 foot antenna.

    Best suited for boats over 23 feet.

    Usually any antenna 12 feet or taller

    Usually any antenna 12 feet or taller.

    Best suited for boats over 32 feet.

    Get High

    Last time we checked, the earth is round. You want to exceed the curvature of the earth by getting your antenna as high as possible.

    Taller antennas (over 8 feet) usually require 2 mounting points. A swiveling mount at the base and a stand-off bracket a few feet from the base. Shorter antennas (8 feet and under) usually only need to be mounted through their base. So pick a spot on your boat and an antenna length that get you as high as possible.

    One of the most common questions boaters ask before selecting their antenna is, "how far will my antenna's signal go?" And the answer is: it depends. Communication is a two-way street so the distance doesn't just depend on your antenna but also on the one you're communicating with. To know the maximum distance in which the two antennas can communicate, consider the antenna length and height above water for both antennas.

    antenna height
    Drown Out the Noise

    Drown out the noise from other radios and the environment by having an efficient transmission system. An efficient transmitter improves the amount of signal and the amount of noise that another listener would hear from you. Would you pair a low quality speaker to a high quality stereo system? The same applies to your antenna.

    The factors (within your control) that can improve the efficiency of your transmission are:

    • Quality of your antenna elements
    • Quality of your coax
    • Quality of your connectors


    Choose the Antenna That's Right for You

    Shakespeares products range from Classic Antennas, which are your basic communication needs, to Phase III Antennas, premium performing antennas with high end deck hardware. With any boat type or communication needs, Shakespeare Antennas have you covered.

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