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Sleipner Side-Power

Side-Power Sleipner Thrusters

Side-Power Sleipner thrusters are the chosen brand by the majority of recreational OEM builders and have a growing presence in the commercial field. Reliability, ease of installation and a dedication to product development and improvement have been driving forces behind the popularity of Side-Power Sleipner thrusters.

Side-Power Sleipner's Standard SE - On/Off Thruster covers the base for their extensive range of DC electric thrusters. They are fitted in a tunnel through the bow, or into our stern tunnels to use as a stern thrusters. The electric motors, solenoids, patented IPC control system and the mechanical parts of the propulsion system are all totally custom designed and built, utilizing the extensive experience gained through years of leadership in the global thruster market.

Side-Power Sleipner's innovative SEP - Speed Controlled Thruster allows precise movement of the yacht, giving complete confidence in any situation. The SEP series are basically SE thrusters with the addition of the DC Power control system. Providing even more accurate control by fully regulating the power of the thruster as well as providing even longer run times, this is the latest in DC electric thrusters. The noise reduction and automatic "Hold" function are further benefits provided by the SEP series.

Most Models in both the SE and SEP series are available in IP - Ignition Protected versions. The IP - ignition protected - versions are equipped with a hermetically sealed cover around the motor and switch gear. This means that it is safe to use in gasoline boats or other areas where there is a risk of explosive fumes as well as excellent for installation in wet areas (not for submerged installation). Can be used for both bow or stern applications. Most models in both the SE and SEP series are available in IP versions.

Sleipner's compact external thrusters are the perfect solution for boats that don't allow for practical installation of a standard thruster.

Side-Power Sleipner systems are not only for new builds. Retrofits of thrusters significantly improve the value and usability of any vessel. Sizing of both boat stabilizers and thrusters is critical to the final outcome of any project. See Side-Power Sleipner Thruster Sizing for information regarding thruster sizing.

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