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Finding the Right Custom Canvas Boat Covers at Defender

Are you doing everything you can to protect your marine asset with custom canvas boat covers?
After all, a boat is a major investment and the source of your family's fun on the water.
It deserves every step you can take to keep it protected and looking like new.
One vital step is investing in a properly fitted universal or Taylor made boat cover.
A cover protects your boat from the damaging effects of weather.
It can also deter thieves when your boat is docked.

Why Cover Your Boat?

We've listed a few of the major reasons to invest in a custom canvas boat cover below. Considering how much protection it provides, a cover is an inexpensive investment in your boat's longevity.
  • A cover protects your valuable boat from the damaging effects of too much sun, like fading and bleaching, gel coat oxidation, and cracked wood. It can also offer protection from hail and windstorms. By keeping moisture out, a cover can also prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Did you know that a cover that fits your boat properly can keep it cleaner? That cover can keep out dust, road dirt, pollution, leaves, bird droppings, and other contaminants that can make your boat look and feel grimy. It can also discourage nesting animals like rodents and birds that might consider your boat a great place to raise a family!
  • A boat cover can even discourage other intruders. Thieves tend to move on to easier targets when confronted by a tight-fitting boat cover.

    Types of Boat Covers

    There are different types of boat covers, most intended for a specific use or kind of boat.
    Each type of cover has its pros and cons which we will explain below.
    We offer universal and Taylor Made boat covers, inflatable boat covers by Mercury/Quicksilver, and own line of Defender custom covers for inflatable boats.

    Trailering covers

    Custom canvas boat covers intended for trailering fit tightly to prevent flapping while traveling at highway speeds.
    High-stress areas are reinforced to prevent ripping. They are generally lightweight and designed for easy on and off usage.
    However, they may lack the full coverage a stored boat needs and probably won't stand up well to heavy rainfall or snow build-up.
    A cover for your inflatable boat will protect it from punctures while on its way to the water.

    Custom Canvas Boat Covers

    A storage cover provides the kind of full coverage that your boat needs while being stored for months at a time - usually in the worst possible weather conditions.
    If it is custom-made to fit your particular boat, it provides even better coverage than a universal cover designed to fit a range of different boats.
    Storage covers are not recommended for traveling at highway speeds.

    Properly measuring your boat for a cover

    The size of a universal or Taylor made boat cover is based on the width of your boat's beam, its center-line length, and (sometimes) its hull type.
    The boat's beam is its width at the widest point.
    Measure your boat's length right down the center from the very tip of the bow to the farthest thing you want covered in the back.

    Try to keep your measuring tape flat and level and carefully read the cover manufacturer's measuring instructions.
    Some don't want you to go up and over obstructions like windshields or rails, others do.
    Since boat manufacturer's specifications are sometimes wrong, always take your own measurements to ensure accuracy!

    If you choose a custom canvas boat cover, you will first have to know your boat's exact make, model, year, and any extras (like swim platforms) you also want covered.
    The cover will be custom designed to fit your specific boat with its additions. A custom cover gives your boat optimum protection and is well worth the extra expense.

    Choosing a material & color for your boat cover

    Custom canvas boat cover fabric needs to be water repellent but should still 'breathe' to prevent moisture build-up inside the boat.
    It also needs to be mildew and mold resistant.
    UV protection will help your cover last longer.
    Abrasion resistance is particularly important for trailering covers.

    Choosing a light color will reflect sunlight and help prevent moisture build-up inside your boat.
    Pigment-dyeing means it will retain its color for the lifetime of the fabric.
    An acrylic coating can increase water resistance.

    Finding universal and Taylor Made boat covers at Defender

    If you need help choosing the right cover for your boat, let our marine experts help.
    We have an excellent selection of covers to fit a wide range of boat types and sizes.
    Let us help you find the perfect cover for your boat.
    We proudly stand behind the covers we carry because of their quality and workmanship.
    They are the same covers we would choose for our own boats!
    Contact our marine experts today for advice you can trust!
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