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Cruise Electric Outboard
Service Videos
Torqeedo Cruise Electric Outboards

Cruise Motor E 70:
Battery Temperature Error

Cruise Motor E 75

Cruise Motor E 85:
Disbalance Within One Battery


Cruise Motor E 82:
Disbalance Among Batteries

Cruise Motor E 84:
Enumeration of Power 26-104

Cruise Motor
Tilt Lock Lever Function


Cruise Motor Power 26-104
Lithium Battery Activation

Cruise Motor Power 26-104
Lithium Battery Maintenance

Cruise Motor Power 26-104
Lithium Battery Storage Advice


Cruise Motor E 23:
Remote Throttle Calibration

Cruise Motor Power
Battery Charger Indicator Overview

Cruise Motor E 47


Cruise Motor E 76:
Low Voltage Charge Battery

Cruise Motor E 77:
Charging Voltage too high

Cruise Motor Initial Set up
of Lead Acid or AGM Batteries