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Zodiac MilPro Military, Commercial, and Professional Inflatable Boats

Zodiac Mil-Pro Boats Zodiac MilPro Whales

Zodiac MilPro Inflatables are rugged and tough, quick to deploy and fast on the water. They use low engine power, are light and virtually uncapsizable, making them the safest boats in their class. Able to plane with heavy loads, they can be packed into a bag for easy transportation. Their specific design for easy maintenance and repair keeps the mean time to repair cycle low and efficient.

Zodiac MilPro Sea RIBs have been proven in operation use around the World, by both Military and Professional operators. The SeaRider's unique water ballast system and deep "V" hull, give the craft exceptional sea keeping capabilities, yet still offering high performance and maneuverability in the heaviest of seas. SRMN hulls are reinforced to take the maximum G forces that are applied when fully laden and powered at maximum speed.

Zodiac's ranges of inflatable boats differ widely in design and capability so as to offer the right solution for specific requirements and fit various mission profiles and challenging uses. Defender also offers an array of Evinrude Rescue Pro PumpJet Outboards, perfect for First Responders due to shallow water capability, maneuverability, reduced risk of injury to people in the water during rescue and recovery efforts.

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Three Minute Boat Deployment

MilPro Boats in Action

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